Pabst Farms Harvest

Schadenfreude is powerful shit. For example, I am delighted by others’ housing misfortunes but not so much that I hope my friends are affected. Example two: that goddamned Pabst Farms shit in Waukesha. When last we saw this monstrosity, the developers were attempting to cajole the city of Oconomowoc into giving them ever more liquor licenses. Apparently, swamping an area with booze is terrible when it’s an urban area where you can walk there and back, but delightful when you have shitheads driving their Hummers in from Brookfield to get swamped at the local Cheesecake Factory.


Well then, it appears that the Housing Crash is starting to take fools like these down with it:

So-called big box stores, such as a Target and Kohl’s Department Store, could replace a regional shopping mall planned for Pabst Farms in Oconomowoc, commercial real-estate industry observers said Thursday.

That’s because western Waukesha County might not have enough residents to attract the types of retailers needed to create a large mall.

Those comments came after the Journal Sentinel reported Thursday that the developers of Pabst Farms are seeking another company to build a large upscale mall at I-94 and Highway 67 in Oconomowoc. Peter Bell, president of Pabst Farms Development Inc., said Chicago-based General Growth Properties Inc., one of the country’s largest mall operators, might be bowing out of the high-profile project.

So, when we last left these geniuses, their Million Dollar Idea was to build an EVEN BIGGER mall in the middle of a cornfield in goddamned Oconomowoc. You know Oconomowoc, right? About 10 miles east of the huge Outlet Mall in Johnson Creek? Or maybe you know it as the place 30 odd miles from Mayfair Mall? The point is, the region doesn’t really need anymore Mega-Ultra-Town-Centres. Especially ones catering inexplicably to the luxury market.

Well shit on a kringle, cuz now we have the worst of all worlds. The stupid shopping center is going up, destroying arable land in the process, but it’s going to have the exact same dumbfuck bullshit that you can find on any commercialzed street in America. Ooo! It’s gonna have a Target? PROMISE? Wow, honey, pack up the kids; we’re gonna hit that Kohl’s in Oconomowoc.

I fucking hate real estate developers.

UPDATE: Looks like the developer has dumped the project all-together. I’m sure there will be all sorts of backpedaling and reassurances by the Must-Replace-Farmland-With-Malls-At-All-Costs folks that those assholes and their Hummers will have a Chili’s to go to on Wednesday nights in Oconomowoc.

4 thoughts on “Pabst Farms Harvest

  1. By the way: Brewers released a draft of the 2008 schedule along with ticket prices for next year. The prices went up, but less so for season ticket packages. I’m thinking: what if we got that 4-seat deal for every game and then split the tickets. It would be like $300 each for 4 people and then we’d have 4 tickets to every home game, guaranteed. Feedback?

  2. Man, you are always pushing for season tickets, and I’m always dead set against it.

    1. Too many games. I’m cool with 1 or 2 games a month, tops. I’ve been to as many as 20 games, but really 10 is more than enough. Even look how you slowed down as the season went on this year.

    2. So we have four seats up in the rafters. Every game that I went to this year (except for the one cubs game that you took me and my lady to and the game that just me and you went to) had more than four people. Our “opener” with lawman, timmer, me, you, whthouse. The spacebee family jamboree. The bellygirl family jamboree. The K-family bash.

    3. Sometimes I want to sit in different seats. The bleachers are my favorite.

    4. If a game is sold out, I’d rather get standing room only than get packed in up top.

    5. As the year goes on, you just get free tickets. Sausage race vouchers, gas vouchers, buy one get one free promotions, hey my dad has tickets, random phone calls announcing free tickets.

    Next year, I’m more than happy with a well-planned opening day, the sausage race, a game with the K-family, a game or two with you, a game or two with our ladies, a couple of random games, and that’s it. For that, season tickets are overkill.

  3. why not just speak the language of free market capitalism and let your disdain of milwaukee management be heard by purchasing cubs season tickets? in bakersfield you clowns are more of a joke than the mets. they are laughing at you.

  4. they also all think the packers will fall off this week, and the patriots will ultimately crush them. i told them all i would kill them.

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