Lose Pack Lose

So, Spacebee got a hold of some kick-ass Packers tickets to last night’s game against the Bears at Lambeau. The night was Super Fun, in that my brother’s fiance grandly provided us with a free place to park across the street from the stadium and that our tickets were in the end zone and on the aisle. We also got there about an hour and a half early, so we had time to wander the stadium for awhile. Spacebee’s coworker and husband were also there, and my brother and his fiance had tickets as well, so the six of us drank the good drink and kicked it in the Lambeau atrium before game time.

Of course, Green Bay ended up losing the game, and I had to hear a shitstorm from Bears fans all the way out of the stadium, but whatever. Just like the Badgers did the day before, the Packers lack of 2nd half offense and defensive coverage ensured the loss. *shrug* whaddya gonna do? It was the first regular season game I’d been to at Lambeau, and I got to see a touchdown in the end zone we were sitting in, so I got my thrill. The win would have been icing on the cake; I just had a good ol’ time.

Afterwards kinda sucked, though. Late in the evening spacebee brokered a deal at work so that she didn’t have to come in at 7am Monday. We planned on ditching the car at a motel, and partying with the spacebee’s coworker up in Green Bay or Appleton. However, once we tried to get a room we found out that pretty much all of Wisconsin was sold out. We drove out of Green Bay, and stopped at 3 hotels in Appleton (“Sold out, but try Oshkosh!”) and then moved on to Oshkosh (“Sold out, but try Fon Du Lac!”) before deciding to just drive the rest of the goddamned way home. We got in at 4am this morning: ugh. I know that it was kinda stupid to assume we could get a room in Green Bay, but come the fuck on. It was late on a Sunday night; I didn’t expect every single person to stay behind after the game. Plus, R U JOKIN ME that there wasn’t a hotel room as far south as Oshkosh? Whatever, I learned a valuable lesson.

Finally, not to be a dick, but how do you and your wife calculate approximate driving times, wwhazz? You said it would take 3+ hours, but we were going the speed limit the whole way and we got to the Hortonville exit off 41 in about 2 hours, and then at Lambeau in two and a half. Do you guys drive real slow? Do you always hit a ton of traffic?

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  1. w-whazz, do you got any money on stars? i finally signed up. turned 1,000 play money into 150,000 so far today.

  2. Naw dude. Broke as a joke. I play play at poker room when I am drunk. The new code for the pal account is assfuck12. Sometimes I read messages from the olden days like this:

    ignorant gimp
    arrogant pillock
    die please”

    Cryptic to say the least.

  3. Hi- It’s Cali’s babysitter, posting from your house. Your cat is CRAZY. Does she ever stop moving? Is she supposed to be playing with the plant in the office? She told me you guys said she could. Also she tried to drink some toliet water while I was peeing. Hope you are enjoying Caleeefornia.

  4. GMX, do you got a new email address? i’ll be up in the yay this weekend and i’m trying to make a kick it connection. HOLLLLLLLLLLLLA

  5. Yeah, that cat doesn’t stop fucking with shit. Don’t let her drink toilet water, don’t let her wreck my plant. But she will sit on you and purr every once in a while. Feel free to drink all the booze in my house; I need to get rid of it.

  6. already done- i’m having the neighbors over for a bitchin party with Cali and I. Too bad you’re not here.

  7. Holy shit- party is canceled- she just made one of her infamous farts and I almost died. No one is going to come over with her smelling up the place like that!

  8. doyle’s room has reopened to the US market…. first site that left the market to come back. hopefully they start the floodgates. barney franks bill also has a ton of supporters. it depresses me that this is how government works… break the constitution and the only way to point that out and undo the mess it causes is to pass a new bill. delete delete delete. where is the ctrl-z in congress?

  9. eyedea and abilities are doing a show at the high noon saloon in madison tonight. it just started. run there.

  10. cal, after you graduate, can i be your paralegal? i promise i’ll always check my chute pack twice before i file anything. i need a job.

  11. um. i don’t have anything interesting going on. just school and more school. fjdkjfdkjfkdjfdkjfkdf,


  12. i pose to you a simple question…. what if cal met lavarto los mattos. i’m pretty sure either fission or fusion, but i forget how they are different. thanks again bay area for making such a question possible.

  13. shit… moderated with gold. so sad. now above this may or might not have links to funny pictures.

  14. I’ve been waiting to here how the trip was, your GF was tired and said she drank too much and couldn’t remember all the details.

  15. Hi!

    Plaintiff, dressed in a Batman cape and roaming the streets fo Georgetown taunting motorists, banged on a bus door as the driver turned the corner, He slid under the bus and was injured.

    Sean you get to that one yet?

  16. Belton v. WMATA, 20 F.3d 1197

    the judge grants joint custody of the penguin to robin and the joker.

  17. free market capitalism dictates that only someone with the means to be an effective batman could be an effective batman. someone with those means should never in good faith find themselves in a situation where they depend on a public bus stopping, let alone opening the door while stopped in an intersection. the bus driver has a responsibility to protect the passengers and no reason to believe he is dealing with the real batman. such an audacious bluff of character can only hurt the caped man. so pedestrian rights washes. tie goes to the public servant with the burden of responsibility of lives.

    so what really happened cal? city out millions?

  18. i found the verdict on verdictsearch.com $619,000 in favor of batman. it’s ALWAYS smarter to be dumber. i forgot. i’m dumb.

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