Halloween 2007

California was pretty great last week, if hectic. Between work meetings, social get-togethers, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium spacebee and I went from hither to yon and back from Thursday to Sunday. Saturday night our very own madd scientits came up to have dinner with fuddruckus, manders, spacebee, and I at the Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge. The dinner was great, and we stayed afterward to dance to odd 80s-dance-pop-fusion and slurp down $9 crown ‘n’ cokes. We followed that up on Sunday by going to meet some of my old work friends at the Oktoberfest festivities in Campbell (near scientist’s old homestead: pRUNEYARD!)

That brings us to Halloween 2007. For all the pictures, see my Flickr set.

Wrestling Stable Alpha

We had some friends over for an evening of Ultimate Fighter marathon, Guitar Hero II, and some beers at the Main Depot. We didn’t end up heading down to State St., in part because we didn’t want to wait in line and pay $7 each in order to walk up and down a street, but mostly because my costume involved going shirtless and it was goddamned cold outside Saturday night. At the Depot, an incredibly drunk man insinuated that I was not man enough (or perhaps, too much man [i’m fat]) to be the boyfriend of a classy dame like spacebee. I whispered in his ear, “Psst, I’m not really a wrestler.” His response, “You think?” Later on he attempted to paw at bellygirl from the bathroom doorway as we left and ended up falling down. He also knocked down a dancing machine while being drunk and almost got his ass whomped. All in all, there was no need for me to do or say anything to this dude: he was gonna get the holy shit beat out of him before the night was over anyways. I hear tell later on of wwhazz and bellygirl at bartime seeing an incredibly drunk man on stilts take 3 giant wobbly steps and then eat concrete. Oh Halloween!

Gourdy Cat-Attache
Black Cat Fever

Pretty good Packer game last night, too. Spacebee and I watched it at scubby’s new house out in Middleton, on the Ultra High Def TV. Man, watching Favre throw million-yard touchdowns in high def was sweeter than watching it on my dumb ol’ cable. So what if I’m out of the suicide pool, I hedged against a Packer loss so that I’d be happy either way. Say lah vee, there’s always next year, and all that rigamarole.

Man of Mysterio
Man of Mysterio

6 thoughts on “Halloween 2007

  1. drinking cans like japan
    build my house like a mouse
    take off the top fill it with sprite
    a pool?
    no! my whole entire life!

  2. cal flows with the 20/20 vision
    hindsight the sprite still fission
    pool full of life. untired.
    sip a sprite with ice.
    good nights.

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