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  1. Did they put the money in or did you forget about it? I keep checking but it seems santa forgot about me.

    The game at my place is really shaping up. We got me, lawman, WM, timmer, danny, ross, and blackhouse. I think seben is the perfect number for a home game. Not quite sure how to break it up, but it should be fun.

  2. they put the $5 in… i never made a deposit. they just sent an email “we put $5 in your account… you have 14 days to play with it”. i think that means that after 14 days they are going to take the $5 back.

  3. I stayed home and cleaned the house.

    But I discovered I had 312 player points on stars. I used 70 to play a sng where the winner gets a 10 ticket to the Sunday Hundred Grand. I won so now I’m in a $10 multi with 6000 other fools. Sshwheet.

    Cal, If I win I’ll buy you braces.

  4. The braces fulfilled a want, not a need.

    17,687 players entered that tourney. I lasted about an hour. Doubled up early, won a few pots and then ran QQ into KJ on a J high board. We got it all in and he hit another jack.

    Say la splat.

  5. nice… i just logged into stars, found the tourney with 130 left from the 17k, and feverishly checked the 14 tables for you. instead i found “madsci3ntist” from jerusalem. that was funny. in other jerusalem related madd scientist current events news, the best part of my day is seeing the new verizon commercial. flip phone hinge? no way, our phone opens with a twist! it’s called the juke, and it moves in a completely new way. watch it move. watch me move like it does. watch me move like my juke.

    then i get up and start dancing AS HARD AS I CAN, and rhythmically chant “watch me move like a jew”. i mean, come on… that is what the commercial is saying for real. lets just be honest verizon marketing division. you were reinforcing the positive stereotype that jewish descendants (who often call each other “jews” as brothers often call each other “bros”) are completely awesome at the art of dance. shame on you verizon marketing division. reinforcing postive stereotypes such as asians being good at math or mexicans being lazy is just as harmful as the negative stereotypes such as french people being stinky or mexicans being good at math.

    have we forgot to think about jews who can not break-dance? there are some jews who can not dance at all? WHAT. OF. THEM, verizon marketing division?

    around this great country, and the world, young jews are gearing up for winter dances with their peers. when the lights are dim, and the mirrored ball is dispersing reflected light in every direction, and a huddled crowd looks to a young jew with no dancing abilities to entertain them, how is he alone to explain the inaccuracies in the claims of a telecommunications corporate giant? watch him move.

  6. $4.40 limit tourney on stars… 333 players, 35 left, i’m in 23rd. $9.32 guaranteed, 1st is $333.01

  7. Yo WM: HEre are the payments for the last PPV. Fight of the night, sumission and KO all come with a pretty big bonus ($40,000-$55,000).


    – Tim Sylvia: $200,000 (12th fight for UFC; defeated Brandon Vera; includes win bonus of $100,000)

    – Brandon Vera: $100,000 (5th fight for UFC; lost to Tim Sylvia; win bonus would have been $100,000)

    – Stephan Bonnar: $44,000 (8th fight for UFC; defeated Eric Schafer; includes win bonus of $22,000)

    – Alan Belcher: $22,000 (5th fight for UFC; defeated Kalib Starnes; includes win bonus of $11,000)

    – Jorge Gurgel: $7,000 (4th fight for UFC; lost to Alvin Robinson; win bonus would have been $7,000)

    – Kalib Starnes: $7,000 (4th fight for UFC; lost to Alan Belcher; win bonus would have been $7,000)

    – Alvin Robinson: $6,000 (2nd fight for UFC; defeated Jorge Gurgel; includes win bonus of $3,000)

    – Eric Schafer: $6,000 (3rd fight for UFC; lost to Stephan Bonnar; win bonus would have been $6,000)

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