Big Dinner Plus

The weekend flew by: Friday night at the casino, Saturday night with poker and UFC, and Sunday night with Big Dinner™. And thus we arrive, safe and sound, on the Monday of Thanksgiving week. It used to be Whazzgiving but history is writ by the victors, and that special alt-holiday has now fallen by the wayside. Spacebee and I will go on the Midwest World Tour starting on Wednesday, and we won’t be back until next Sunday so get yer fill.

Spacebee’s been having some frustrating work shifts, and I pissed her off by blowing out of town without telling her on Friday, so I endeavored to make it up to her last night by making an skrillion-course meal. I figured once she was incapacitated by food I could whisper sweet nothings in her ear, gaining her forgiveness. So I did appeteazers including the Mushroom Puffies (half order) and Pita Chips n’ Hummus, followed by an apple cider-brined, mesquite-smoked pork tenderloin, roasted butternut squarsh, and asparagus and prosciutto risotto. Finally, I made a homemade chocolate chip cookie pie with ice cream. I am happy to report that my girlfriend was rolling around on the floor due to her fullness by the end.

Wednesday = snow forecast = BOO!

Finally, I found a neat-o web site today called Walk Score where you can enter your address and find the ‘walkability’ of your neighborhood. The scale goes from 0 (need a car for everything) to 100 (you can easily live there without a car). My current address rates a 72 out of 100, which is classified as ‘Highly Walkable’. That sounds good to me, because I’m going to list my Tahoe on soon to get rid of it. It was the single worst decision of my entire life, and I am going to try to rectify it if I can. So, uh, anyone want a 2003 Tahoe for $10,000? Hit me up, I’m dealin’.

71 thoughts on “Big Dinner Plus

  1. oooh, perhaps scandal… maybe the chick who organized the focus groups and i started a forbidden friendship and she offers me in on a scam where i’ll be paid to give higher ratings for specific shows. the money is great, and i do it for a while. me and the chick bang. she gives me aids. the focus group company finds out about the banging and the aids and the scam, and we are both fired. the only aids clinic i can afford is in fucking bakersfield.

  2. how about the real 2nd unit director of robot chicken was caught paying the chick and that is how we got busted.

  3. did anyone care that my immune system acquired a deficiency? did you tell them where to send cash donations? bakersfield.

  4. i had mine up to 350… then i lost 3 ridiculously huge pots in about 10 hands and quit. i think i have a little over 100 now.

    the last one: KJ3 flop… i have AKQT i bet $3 into a $5 pot. dude raises pot to $14 total. he has $60 total. i re-raise to put him all in and he insta-calls. he has A2J5… absolutely nothing! $130 pot… runner runner 5 and he gets it all. the other 2 were just as sick for about the same amount… i should have 600-700… so fucking rigged. dude had middle pair no draw and insta called all in. come on. rigged.

  5. i’ll be in seattle all week playing mac computer nerd, so i don’t think i’ll be able to play. anyone know how to run windows applications on a mac? does wine work?

  6. one of the hands i flopped a set and the nut low draw on a completely disconnected rainbow board. raise raise raise and dude called with 2 pair! i can’t lose! BOOM 2 high non-board-pairing suited cards come to make him a flush. $180 pot there. so so so sick. wah wah wah. give me my dowwwy.

  7. Crazy thing is a runner, runner beat down for a .22 pot feels almost the same as a runna, runna loss for a $44 pot.

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  9. i turned the 5 into 40+ in 1 night. the next night i get 2nd in a large multi for 200, then win another 35 in ring games after. take a couple days off. play and lose 70. take a couple days off. play and win 150 then lose huge 3 in a row. classic setup. 11 minutes.

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  12. i am the keeper of the 3 pack bonanza. you got a boyfriend and his name is greg. i shot a man in brooklynnnnnn

  13. as much as i’d like to have a rap off as in 8 mile i have a final on friday. so i can’t write rhymes at the moment. sucks.

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