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  1. this is the last week of class and today we had pet therapy as our daily stress-relief activity which means they filled the subplaza with puppies for everyone to play with between classes. tomorrow is yoga.

  2. yeah, that dog shit is suspicious. did you assert yourself? if you didn’t go around peeing on dogs, then the other lawyers who do will always hold that over you. they are the alpha piss dog and you smell like greg.

    also, posting that you don’t have time to post with a rhyme (totally unintentional, see how easy it is?) is very sad. the old cal would have let me have it. those puppies made you soft. I OBJECT!

  3. damn…well, so long good ol’ truck…many of talks, rants, moves, and drunkin nites were spent in thee…

    Zach – I think you should get the new Altima hybrid. It is sylish, GREEN, and could be more convenient than the shared car. (Seriously, I am interested in how the shared resource goes. It could be very cool; or, it could be shit if they don’t have things when you need them in an emergency.)

    BTW, I don’t think there are any car godz. My old POS Audi no longer registers the speed limit among other things. If there were a car god, he wouldn’t put me in a position to get a ticket every day. FUKR.

  4. In The Most Cruelest Joke Of All, spacebee and I are going to look at Cal’s old apartment on South Henry to rent next year. Not only his old building, but his actual, factual Cal ‘n’ Springer apartment. I might faint when we go for a tour. Jesus, what if we lived there.

  5. Why, besides sentimental reasons, would you do such a thing? You are both adults with high upper middle class jobs and you want to move back into a college hovel? Unless the place comes with Andy, I can’t see you being happy there.

    Pros: cal once live there with springer

    Cons: you share walls with jackass college students, the place is ARCTIC in winter, everything is old/broken

    I liked our modern apartment in San Diego better than the old ass building we live in now. Our neighborhood is cool (the closing of Magic Mill actually made it better), our neighbors are quiet, and we are close to belly’s work and school, but our heat is fucked up, our garbage disposal is fucked, our outlets are fucked, the windows are drafty, the landlord is over all the fucking time fixing shit, etc, etc, bla blue blough.

  6. You want to start going to the laundry mat again? Your place is expensive but you get a lot and it prices out the students.

  7. i want to live in a van. in 2003ish i had to go with someone to the bwm/volvo/vw dealership and they had this big mini-van/small normal van where the roof popped up and had a queen size bed loft on the roof. interior was very configurable and had a table and tv, and i think it had a flip out propane stove on the back.

  8. OMG. VIRUSES KILLED MY COMPUTER. ALL I GET IS A BLUE SCREEN WITH WHITE LETTERING THAT SAYS: Windows has blah blah and was shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

    Gateway is sending me some magical CD to reformat my entire hard drive. WTF does that mean? It means I lost everything?

    Will Knoppix Linux CD help me save some of my files? I just want my “my docs” and “my pictures.”

    This f-ing job is going to KILL ME!

  9. I agree with my husband about you guys not living in the cal and springer apartment for all the same reasons. I think you guys should live here: http://www.stevebrownapts.com/victory_one.php
    It is new and modern and it is probably cheaper than what you pay now and it takes cats and spacebee can walk to work and get rid of parking fees AND………………….
    It is right next door to us.

  10. Don’t get me wrong, I know that anywhere we move would be a step down. And while I do make enough to live here, we are paying an exorbitant amount to live in a two bedroom apartment in Madison. We are NOT definitely moving, we are merely looking around to see if we could get something OK at a cheaper price. If not, that’s fine, we will just stay here.

    Also, Stacy suggested last night (after half a dozen beers) that we just fucking live in a van down by the river.

  11. Also: Big J, Rachel and I were pissed that you weren’t at the reunion. You shoulda caught the Greyhound home from Africa at least for the weekend.

  12. 1. Question: if a virus has hijacked my computer, all I need is a trusty Knoppix linux disc to go in and pick up my documents from the burning inferno that once was my computer before it falls to the ground like one of the World Trade Center buildings?

    2. WHEN DO I GET MY REPORT ON THE REUNION? I’m going crazy here in Insaniacland, and what–nothing? Who was fat? Who was a loser? come on–gimme somethin’!

    3. Don’t live in that nasty apartment. It’s gross.

    4. I’ve got a ticket to Amsterdam in 11 days. Work like a madwoman night and day for a week and then party until Christmas time!

  13. Yo skeezer,

    I’m going to San Diego Jan 4-9th. Want me to say hi to anyone for you? The girls in the archstone office? Bone? Pappa John?

  14. Blah… packer game starts at 7:00… I teach 6-10. Thursday football sucks ass. Why? Why? Just leave it on Sunday and one game on Monday. One of the good things about football is you don’t have to dedicate your life to it like baseball because there are only like 20 games and they all happen on the same day.

    The thanksgiving game was a treat but this game is dumb.

    My prediction: Pack 28 Cowboys 10 and Uncle Rico aka Tony Romo tosses 3 picks.

    If we lose, then move that prediction to the playoffs.

  15. some large black man on espn said packers 23, cowboys 24 for a late field goal win!

    how does it feel to be wrong?

  16. and you are playing on your computer phone… and i’m sitting in a cubicle, overlooking a salmon river in washington state reading what you type. that late field goal is going to suck. do a shot of tequila for me ya big weeny.

  17. wow wow wow! live there!!!!!

    true story: one time i pulled up in a cab and the cabbie was like, where? and i was like, right there that one. and he was like “that place???” and i said “yeah” and he laughed and said “don’t like a match in that place”


    IT’S A GREAT APT! YOU SHOULD LIVE THERE! you know what you would pay for that place in sf? a cool million easy.

  18. cal cal cal, GUESS WHAT! 3 HOUR SFO LAYOVER! come kick it with the maddddddddddddd scientist and i’ll buy you 3 20oz beers. we’ll make a silly bet and each have a shot of tequila too. 4:20pm-7:20pm. cal me! haha, just kidding. call me. jerk.

  19. There’s been a dead ladybug on my windowsill for some time now. I don’t move it, because a dead ladybug looks like a live ladybug, and I like having a bit of whimsy on my windowsill (as long as I ignore the fact that it’s a corpse).

  20. You have got to be kidding me.

    Terry Gross is on NPR discussing “Don’t Ask Don’t tell” with a retired rear admiral.

  21. i understand there is a standing universal order for the troops in iraq to not consume alcohol, yet i’ve seen hundreds of videos with 1000s of unique soldiers all drinking what they claim is alcohol and doing things that drunk people would do as i’ve seen drunk people do them… so applying that to an SAT test, don’t ask, don’t tell = 1000s of soldiers are fucking dudes. just so cal can fuck greg and pay to get smart without someone who would shoot up a school getting close enough to shoot up the school. Gross Terry, your thoughts?

  22. It’s a little early but just want to say we are now one year closer to “12V04EG08AS” and cal is almost the same age that Frank Norris was WHEN HE DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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