I’m proud as pie to announce the next great leap in whazzmaster.com history: http://iphone.whazzmaster.com. It’s really basic right now, but all the important stuff is there: comments. I know you idiots love typing grotesque examples of the English (and whazzzish) language on there, so the first version only shows comments, comments, and comments, grouped by post. I’ll probably add the posts on there at some points, but for now we’ve got glorious comments on-the-go. Could you get the same info myriad other ways? Yes. You definitely could. But that would preclude me from deploying my first Ruby on Rails application, so too johnny-be-badd for you.

I should note that if you aren’t using an iPhone or a Safari browser, that link will likely look like complete garbage. Sorry you Treo dudes.

It’s snowing outside. Hard.

56 thoughts on “iPhone-ified

  1. first time whazzing in awhile so i have a bit of catching up to do. 1) happy very belated bday, cal. 2) raisin in the sun reference, nice. one of the best plays i was forced to read (twice) as an english major. 3) i am all for ear candles though probably not a good idea when ear bleeding is in occurance. 4) of my 8500 songs on itunes, moldy peaches steak for chicken is the absolute worst. blech!

  2. i was drunk and i did not whazz! damn! a dream defferred! ya heard?!

    hey i’m whazzing hungover though that counts right? right?! RIGHT??????????

    anyway school is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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