Truck = Sold

Well, I don’t have a car anymore. I sold my Chevy Tahoe this morning, and I’m just now trying to figure out all the steps I need to go through next. It’s made more difficult due to the fact that it’s Saturday and so nothing is open. My short list is: CXL my insurance, CXL one of the parking spots in our apartment, sign up for Community Car, get the lien release for my auto loan payoff and send to the buyer, start walking everywhere… hmm.

I thought I’d prepared myself for a world without owning a car, but obviously it’s a little bit more disconcerting once the car is actually gone from your parking space. It’s not that I all of a sudden need to go somewhere, but simply that Stacy is at work and I don’t have a car. It’ll take a little getting used to, s’all. In no time, I’m sure I’ll be working at Flipper’s and getting my law degree.

All in all, I think this is for the best. Time will tell, however. Time will tell.

78 thoughts on “Truck = Sold

  1. coincendentally E and i are signing a lease tonight on a placeā€¦

    congratulations cal on the cohabitating. I am glad you are still with E I like her a lot. What did you end up doing about the cat situation?

  2. cal + E + cohab handling case files together = unrivaled service. my case seemed to positively consume them. moreso perhaps than it even consumed myself. true concern. if you need off the record legal advice for the next few years, i highly suggest their offices.

  3. VERY EXCITING ALL AROUND!!! i have to go to our new house today and clean it before we move in. the cat went with her sister. everybody’s happy. skeeez reps russian hill, i am cleaning, ktk recently celebrated a birthday… whazzmaster is coming up roses

  4. I can’t believe scientist is going ruskie. In other news, I know this joint ain’t exactly US Magazine or anything, but I find it oddly amusing that Britney Spears’ 16-year-old sister, Jamie-Lynn, is knocked up. Oh man, that’s at least another 5 years of tabloid fodder.

  5. get this fodder… my 19ish year old cousin gave birth yesterday. i didn’t even know she was pregnant. supposedly there is thick raytown baby daddy drama and he is gont.

  6. russian hill dude hasn’t called back. me and rach-o both left messages. might have to start over again.

  7. The judge wrote on and then he folded the ledger shut and laid it to one side and pressed his hands together and passed them over his nose and mouth and placed them palm down on his knees.

    Whatever exists, he said. Whatever in creation exists without my knowledge exists without my consent.

    Holy shit.

  8. truisms blow your mind? whatever is blue is not red. or is it the ridiculous writing style and and and and and, i said. and.

  9. can consent not apply knowledge? does that require the consent to not know? is the concent to not know implied unless you confusingly state otherwise so as to avoid making a statement of command? this is a goofy character.

    i bet the next line is, “come on. lets go to hooters.”

    on to why i’m here… x-files episode “D.P.O.”… man, giovanni ribisi, jack black, prime mulder+scully. this is a good one.

  10. in the spirit of christmas, today i found myself circling the city of bakersfield. all that circling worked up a hunger. i then remembered a dream. a dream that was born and nursed through universal cable tv advertising. a place called sonic that sold burgers and slushes. they were a great friend i had never met hidden in lands i never travelled to. then i found one in the worst neighborhood in phoenix. heart = broken. drink more ovaltine?! drink more ovaltine?#%)!@(7^ FUCK EVERYTHING. i never went back. i’ve seen others since and shunned them. there is one in the commercial district a mile from my place here… never went. the location seemed nice… if i was ever going to give sonic another chance, this place had everything the last one didn’t that might contribute to it’s suckiness. i drove-in. horrible. fuck sonic again. fuck 2nd chances. i could have had in-n-out.

  11. hi dudes. it’ syour friend cal. i hate you. sean are you done or what? i’m depressed now that i’m finished. i don’t know what to do with myself. not that i’m so brilliant that i need stimulus or some SHIT just that i pushed myself so hard and i’m not sure why. i don’t have my grades yet and if i got f’s i’m going to flip out. but who give an f about grades right? so i’m having this dillema. do i care about my grades or do i not? anyway regardless it’s crazy to push yourself so hard and then just stop. you fucking bastards.



  12. christmas is depressing only for people who do not depend on christmas to break their depression through the generosity of those who do not depend on christmas. maybe you should be more depressed throughout the year and not try to better yourself, jerk.

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