We Wish You A Merry Tristmas

…and a Happy New Year. I don’t know if I’ll get another post in before the holidays, so consider this a farewell to the ol’ 2007. It was a terrific year; my first back in Madison. From the Vegas trip in February, to the Great Snowy La Guardia Debacle in March, my wisdom teeth ordeal in April, and Our First Camping Trip in May. The summer was filled with the Milwaukee Brewers, Miller Chill, the Freedom Grill, and many screamed obscenities into the night regarding Derrick Turnbow and Ned Yost. We had a few speedbumps along the way, mostly involving the Chicago Cubs and their generally terrible fans. The fall was filled with magic fairy dust and work. My twenty-ninth birthday came and went, and then started working on an iPhone application at work which was cool. Ever since the summer I’ve been on an advanced debt-repayment schedule, and it came to a head this week when I sold my truck and paid off the loan I had on it. Now, as the year ends, I am looking forward to a year where I am on foot and moving forward.

50 thoughts on “We Wish You A Merry Tristmas

  1. i can’t believe i was trying to think of oneida, and said o’neil, and then y’all were like YUP! he’s here! i hope the oneida trip works out… i want to give the box man on the craps table a lot of shit for dealing with $5 players… the house edge is like 8 cents on that. those dudes are getting paid way more than my expected loss. i am going to rub that fact into the box man (my enemy) and yuck it up with the stick man and dealers (my homies) and threaten to straight break the casino off HARD. that should be fun.

  2. skeezer did you take that place on pixley? did you??????? DID YOU??????????????????????????


    Wwwhzzz you are going down this week my boy is gonna take out the MACHINE

  3. yea cal i’m done. i’m flying to el salvador tomorrow for a month and going to forget that finals ever happened.

  4. there is supposed to be a big storm friday morning, so we’ll be back in racine thursday night. the krunk factor will be high.

  5. I’m up in Appleton and tried to get skeezer to meet me at the Oneida card room fro some poker but he couldn’t make it BECAUSE HE HAD TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I can make it to Racine. If the carless wonder want to hitch a ride, I got room in the trunk… which also contains HIS BIKE RACK! You still need that thing or is it for sale?

  7. i am sitting here working getting nothing done because their servers don’t work right. what a joke. i hate everything.

  8. wwhazz, do you really want to go to racine? i could maybe swing that, and PLUS arlo is in racine until sunday. it would be a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

  9. hmm, not sure if i can make it thursday. what about friday night? when are you flying back, sceizzer?

  10. we fly out friday at 6pm. supposedly there is 3-6″ of snow on friday so not sure if you guys will want to be driving. i can promise you a brand new socially decrepit song to sample. it’s called ATM. the m stands for mouth.

  11. stay tooned was pretty fun. i woke up with frosting in my hair.
    oh and what do I get for winning the peterstifly pool? I can’t believe peterstifly did not pick this week. I am the Champion, CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Just like peterstiffly won nothing for survivor football, you win nothing for winning peterstiffly’s whazzmaster football pool.

    I guess that’s cool in a “cal is lame” kinda way.

    As far as stiffly forgetting goes, maybe stiffly did not pick as an act of social protest. Maybe he did it to draw attention to his survivor football championship. Maybe he clean forgot to pick.

  13. happy 2007! thanks for kicking it with me toooned homies. winter sucks, but making it your bitch is fun. you can eat off the sidewalks!

  14. is that giant dude super bad and the little dude super good or something? how else could that be an interesting fight? unless the big dude is going to toy with him for a few rounds and laugh and every attempt to hurt him.

  15. cal, not sure if we told you which place we decided on… 1155 jones st. everyone is welcome anytime.

  16. Cal..I heart you for checking out that place for us! Yes, we will be living on snob hill for a while.. but contrary to mike’s beliefs we will not go bust..the majority of our rent is paid for and we are only living in the city for 3 months so I intend on living it up! We definitely have to get together and share our adventures with the whazz community!

  17. where is the krifto pumpkin? i just asked rach-o and she said she thought we threw it away…. i hope that isn’t true.

  18. the weather hath stranded us. SF waits another day unto lo a scientist would decend upon it. not an ordinary scientist.

  19. so i see snoop dogg’s fatherhood for the first time… the episode title is “fer schnitzel”. i’m convinced they went to germany just for the opportunity to use that pun. it was quality entertainment. thanks snoop!

    cal, you weren’t lying about the people around this neighborhood… thornton melon would throw dirt on most of their cars. i’ve since learned that attached to the grace cathedral is some super private boys school, which explains the tons of little dr phillip barbays running around. they are so funny.

  20. yeah swaanky for shizzle. you’re right next to “top of the mark” that was a must see for ewaz when he was here, wwhazz went there as well.

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