New Year’s Steve

Man, it’s been awhile since I’ve dumped words onto whazzmaster. I’ve been hither and yon across Wisconsin and Illinois since, and had two kick-ass parties here in Madison.

Xmas 2007 came and went here in Madison. Spacebee and I traveled (and traveled and traveled) first to Milwaukee for my sister’s 24th birthday. It was pretty neat-o; I got to see my sister’s apartment in Cudahy, we ate a feast at a strip-mall Thai joint, and then went and boozed it up on North St. down by wwhazz’s old haunt. I drank more than five double Seven & Seven’s, after which I only remember sucking royal tits at darts against dudes Spacebee and I shoulda been whaling on. Upon waking the next morning, we were uncomfortably treated to hearing some child abuse by the downstairs neighbor. Yikes.

On December 23rd we did some Alone Time at a resort in Schaumburg, IL. Yeah, yeah whatever. Aieeshlee hooked us up with an employee rate of $39 since she works for the parent company. I wouldn’t have paid $200 (or even $100) a night at that joint, but it was perfect for $39. For our grande dinner alone, we ate at a Brazilian steak house that was pretty good. Lots and lots of Meat.

Xmas Eve and Xmas day we spent at Spacebee’s parents’ and my parents’ houses, respectively. It was filled with fun, Wass-Ale (a rum concoction by Papa Spacebee), and me winning the 2007 Xmas Ping-Pong Spectacular tournament. I ran roughshod over the competition, but my goddamned title is now in dispute since Al got a new ping-pong net for xmas. Whatever, the net didn’t affect my play. I’ll just win with the new one.

So, onto the kick-ass parties.

Spacebee got me a new dutch oven for Xmas, and I was itchng to use it for a tremendous amount of food. Happily, wwhazz happened to call and ask if I wanted to have the UFC PPV at my place last Saturday. Fuck yes, wwhazz, would you like me to make 10 pounds of jambalaya? Fuck yes, he said (paraphrased). It ended up being awesome in several ways: the PPV was actually great, with the main events in particular being very entertaining. Additionally, the madddddddd scientist and rach-o were stranded so they drove up for the evening as well. Finally, Steven E. (and his Birthday Pal) was in town for the holidays and showed up too. Lawman rounded things out, and we had a good ol’ time of drinking, fighting, two kinds of jambalaya, and probably the latest night out on the town that I’d had in awhile. Also (this becomes important later on) we all left Eroz voice mails. Overall it was a fan-fucking-tastic night with a bunch of unexpected pals from beyond the Wisconsin Borders (not the bookstore).

New Year’s at the rumthumb/lawman place was also terrific. Lawman made a bona fide prime rib roast, and everyone contributed to the night’s revelry. There was much booze, appeteazers, delicious desserts, a wacky throw-up dog, CRAPS, ktk, brian, stories about Tunnel Bob, Happy-New-Year’s calls from my brother and sister, and the crowning achievement of the evening: wwhazz used 411 and an old pal to track down Eroz at his grandmother’s new year’s party. The only thing that could have made it neater was if we had a CIA uplink to the NOC list… or whatever. Eroz’s first question: he heard we talked to Tangman, which was one of the many (many) lies we left in a voice mail the day of the UFC PPV.

Check out the Flickr set for more New Year’s fun. So, what were you guys doing over the holidays? Or, for anyone that kicked it at one of the above swanky affairs, was there anything I missed?

group hug

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  1. O’Neil turned that ridiculous New Year’s Hat into a fashionable accent to your already stylish dress. You fellows could learn a thing or two from the Law Man.

  2. hey hey! welcome to san francisco, today’s offering: rain. buy an umbrella dude! i don’t go back to school til the 14th so let’s i’ll show you every russian knick knack store sf has to offer! bye!

  3. who new that racine has more red carpet than the golden globes? well, i didn’t until watching the greatest prom of all time or whatever that movie is called. wacko. and, not well made. trilobyte could have spun prom circles around that movie.

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