Macworld and Expenses

I’ll likely post some pictures from Macworld soon, but for now I’ll say it was an interesting experience and one that I won’t repeat if I can help it. My overall trip was great, though, as I got to kick it with madddddddddd and cal in a posh San Francisco neighborhood and watch the Packer game in Pacifica with GMX, Blaine, and a trippin nuts scientist.

Also, for anyone that needs to do expense reporting through QuickBooks, you might want to check out a little online app that my pals at Esomnie are working on. Check out Paybackable if you interested in trying it out.

HOLLLLAR back (woo woo).

65 thoughts on “Macworld and Expenses

  1. you know what pisses me off more than anything in the scamming people on tv game lately?

    ok, some companies (namely lending banks) make use of many 3rd party services that basically lays odds on the likelihood you’ll skip town with their shit. is this a bad thing? yes. for everyone. is there a better way? no. and hey, at least it isn’t just 1 company! there are 3… so yeah.. so knowing when these companies are lying about you would be helpful, and you deserve to know… so it’s in the public record with a few hoops to get through… and man… i have to do this 3 times… i’d rather go to hardees. ENTER HERO: FREECREDITREPORT.COM! tell us how you get through hoops and we’ll go to ALL 3 of these places and see what they are saying. wow… thanks i guess… i’d rather not be in the position where that would ever help me, but thanks for the help dood. just sign up for tripleadvantage. OH. ok dood, i see… that’s fair. you do me, i do you. how much? $12.95 a month. yeesh. just to get access to data about me, that i only need to know if it’s wrong. well, you are saving me time and peace of mind and hopefully making it simple… maybe that is a fair deal to some people. whatever. that is your deal. that is your only product. sign up for this shit, and we’ll give you this service. no no no, the service is not part of that shit… the service is FREE… just pay for this. whatever… a reverse bait and switch, but whatever. i do not have a problem with that. personally i would just use the service my tax dollars went to build that gives me access to this data once per year per company at… but whatever. maybe you’ll stag a few morons. good luck. don’t spend your $12.95 all in once place, and good luck with those hopes people will forget to cancel the service for years and pay you $1,000s for access to public data just so you would fetch it for them. i’ve seen people give people $1,000s for much less, so good luck with that.

    your ads are fucking retarded and advocate the misuse of your own service, it’s pointlessness, as well as it’s ultimate pointlessness.

    1. “i married my dream girl, but she didn’t tell me her credit was bad. so now instead of living in a pleasant suburb, we’re living in the basement at her mom and dad’s”

    WHAT?! so how the fuck could you have changed this? are you saying that people should use your service to obtain the personal credit record of everyone they date? isn’t that illegal? and why can’t you stay in the basement at your own mom and dad’s?

    “we can’t get a loan for a respectable home just because my girl defaulted on some old credit card”…

    so take her name off the shit and get a loan yourself. have her parents co-sign. if you can truly afford it, you can get the money. if you can’t, freecreditreport wouldn’t change anything. DUMB.

    “if i would have gone to i’d be a happy bachelor with a dog and a yard”


    “they say a man should always dress for the job he wants”

    who says that?

    “so why am i dressed up like a pirate at this restaurant?”

    no clue

    “some hacker stole by identity, so now i’m serving chowder and iced tea”

    UMMMMMM… doubt it loser. so what happened, you had a great job and lost it over identity theft? how could that ever happen. you wanted to go to school and learn something to get a decent job? let me tell you a secret… not going to school isn’t going to keep you out of a job better than chowder slangman. besides, you probably make good cash tips. why are you complaining? there is no way this credit report or whatever “hacker” stole anything is in any way responsible for forcing you to work anywhere. DUMB.

    “i should have gone to i could have seen this coming at me like an atom bomb”

    2 parter: 1. no you shouldn’t have, and no you wouldn’t. 2. if you see an atom bomb: YOU ARE FUCKED. you are effectively already dead. anything that happens after you see an atom bomb doesn’t matter. you could have saved time by not looking at it and spent time not getting burned.


  2. it is 10:37pm. i have money in an offshore poker site. i am building tools to generate accounting reports. the robots have won.

  3. hey hey it’s a stock crash… people say my money is gone… but their too busy calin’… to make a greg by kissing a frog.

    i drank with that dude. he was my stepping stone. he denied it, but fuck him, he was.

  4. in almost as weird a coincidence as being pissed about posh, cal saying posh, and the tv asking people about posh, i was just watching the sarah connor chronicles on tivo, contemplating the negative effects of my own robot creation, when “john connor” from signed up for the product i was working on to manage business contacts.

    skynet launches in a week. uh oh… check that website… VBScript errors all over the place. it’s already begun. should have gone to

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