O Packers, My Packers

The disappointment was palpable at The 4th Base, where wwhazz, bellygirl, spacebee, timmer, and I watched the Packers fumble away Brett Favre’s chances for glory on a cold and snowy evening in Green Bay. The day wasn’t for naught, we still had a goddamned helluva time celebrating the Old Man’s new career high in “Years Lived,” but a Packers Super Bowl would have been the cherry on top of a whipped cream-covered tit.

The game itself was sad, but we had a ball at The $th Base (dollar sign intended). Free jello shots when the Packers scored, fucking delicious food, lots of booze, and did I mention the goddamned delicious tilapia (twas good, not Bad)? Chocolate cake at the hotel room, and then off to the Magical Wonderland of The Landmark, where we played pinball, air hockey, some alien shooting game, and DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION. We Rascal’d it up for awhile, and then finished off at Vitucci’s (site of my sister’s birthday festivities as well.) We had a Pizza Shuttle Party. Timmer chugged like five $1 Mike’s Hard Iced Teas before we left Vitucci’s and I found him out back of JoCats pukin’ em up seven minutes later. Haha.

So next weekend is the Royal Rumble; who’s in? The week after is the UFC with Brock Lesnar, followed by the Super Bowl. Lot’s of Weekend Cheddah coming your way, whazzmaster.com. Hope you’re ready, guys.

79 thoughts on “O Packers, My Packers

  1. UFC should be good… mir was planting excuses about how he could lose, and lesnar was planting the idea that mir is a nobody who is getting thrown to the wolves. fighting is fun. just say what you expect your opponent to say and be right. put the commas wherever you want.

  2. 1 more thing… concerning the hebrew nationals being directly next to an array of pork products…. NOW… instead of both being in the middle next to each other, they are on opposite sides of the same 16′ cooler.

    so either 2 extreme ironicals happened ironically back to back, or my thoughts somehow propagated to someone who could do something about it, or other people complained about it (funny), or these are all inside jokes of grocer stockmen (odd, but shitty job, so do what you have to do… but this time, i got you, so it isn’t as funny. let me suggest something… but the beets next to the juice next to the downy. OR an employee noticed the unintentional ‘mistake’ and ‘fixed it’ as much as they could (save swapping items into different coolers).

    either way… the plot thickens… i wonder where the processed meat will be next!

  3. PS – i haven’t bought any HB dogs on the last few trips… too much bad energy. i can’t eat delicious hot dogs knowing that a potential hater was hating all up and through it. that shit permeates. hate hate permeate.

  4. excuse me, packaged meats manager, an atmosphere of distrust has permeated this package of hot dogs. might the cooler arrangements be reexamined? shalom.

  5. Yo Cal– got the book in the mail today. I’m currently reading a Zola book; should I beg off and do this one right quick? Or wait til I’m finished?

  6. cal, there is a free train running to the GMX UFC extravaganza. you like dude fights, right? there should also be a return train, but the conductor might be drunk.

  7. “When a married lobbyist arrived at a Springfield game with a person described as “an inebriated woman companion who did not acquit herself in a particularly wholesome fashion,” Obama made a face indicating that he wasn’t pleased. Link says that the lobbyist and his date were “quickly whisked out of the place.””

    What face did he make? The BJ thing where you bulge the side of your cheek with your tongue? Was the inebriated woman Hillary?

  8. So the lobbyist couldn’t lobby, play for real stakes or bring drunken whores… tell me again, what was the point of this game?

    The most you could lose was $200? I’ve played with garbage disposal makers for higher.


    Vote lost.

  9. maybe he did that thing where you touch both index fingers to your thumbs and put your other fingers under your jaw and then twist your hands so you are seeing through the holes created by your index fingers and thumbs.

  10. (Frankenstein’s doing The Mash!)

    oh, he will be. i’m going to GMX’x for the UFC PPV. brock wins. bank on it.

    The Crypt-Kicker Five!

  11. One time me and cal walked out of a bar and this chick came chasing after us and said to cal, “excuse me, are those Bugle Boy jeans you are wearing?” and cal burst into tears BECAUSE THEY WERE.

  12. I watched the PPV at a bar in Greenville. Everyone HATED Lesnar and cheered their balls off when he tapped. Bah. Why? Because they love Frank Mir? Cuz now they can say ha ha wrestling is fake?

    Brock is a MN hick, dumb as a tree stump, but it was pretty cool seeing him fight– it made for a very exciting two minutes and you know he’ll get at least three more fights. Hopefully they feed him a jobber before a real test.

  13. no meat case update, yet… stay tooooned. the knowledgeable UFC crowd at GMX’x correctly pointed out brock’s “chicken legs” and predicted leg based submission. up top dude is ridiculous, so letting an arm loose doesn’t get him in too much trouble. he tapped way way too quick. i don’t think he gets more than 1 more fight if he loses again. the only thing well rounded about him is his comically petite head.

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