Sprung Training

Attention, Brewers Fans, you can download a Calendar application-importable file with all the scheduled Brewers games from this page. It also has instructions on how to add it to Microsoft Outlook. Thank you for being vaguely aware that people have computers, MLB. Now, please fix the fucking asinine rules about viewing games online.

This week is Semi-Annual Engineering Interview week at the University of Wisconsin, so I’ll be doing my usual spiel to attract Computer Science and ECE/CS double majors to come work for Intuit. As always, I look forward to my homeboys from California flying into town for food and booze and fun. This weekend is the Ice Fishing Extravadanza, and next week spacebee and I are flying down the Arizona for a (hopefully) warm vacation. Considering this morning was a weird mix of freezing rain and sleet, it will be a welcome change of pace.

On Saturday lawman and I split a bottle of scotch and hooted and holllllared at the TV. The Brock Lesnar fight was a bit disappointing, but dude had it coming. The whole fight involved him putting himself in extremely risky situations. I figured Mir came close to arm-barring him half a dozen times before he got a hold of the ankle. Also, you have to admit that Lesnar tapping to the heel-hook anklelock with Kurt Angle in the audience was hilariously appropriate. As a matter of fact, I can’t even remember how the main event ended. Man, that was a lot of scotch.

All I have to say about the Super Bowl is that the 4th quarter made up for the fact that the previous 3 quarters were some of the most boring football ever. Also, I hate all sports teams (and their fans) from Boston/New England. Haha, jerks.

29 thoughts on “Sprung Training

  1. dude, there’s gonna be like 18 inches of snow in the last 20 hours. wwhazz, how you holdin up? how the fuck are we supposed to ice fish when there’s 3 feet of snow on top of the ice?

  2. That “Vegas Highroller:Deadbeat Dad” banner headline at the top of the page looks like a good story.

    Thanks TMJ4!

  3. I think your parent’s house and your pimp ass grandfather’s pad (wherever that is…) both count as locations.

    Backs are getting sore!

    Mister. Mister Kritoplat. Mister Kriftopumpkin, my back is mighty sore today. I can’t possible flip this burger. Lend a hand?

  4. Kewpee’s says the snow has actually been good for their business, because so many other restaurants in downtown Racine close when it snows.

  5. cashcall.com: the APR for a typical loan is 99.25% with 42 monthly payments and a $75 origination fee.

    are they serious?

  6. that girl in the blue is passing me. oh well.

    anyway enjoy the (not so) awesome beard while it lasts because tonight i go back my shick quatro or gillett fiver or whatever blade i presently have in my medicine cabinet… interviews for summer internship in the morning

  7. the beard is gone and with it my dignity. and for what? FOR WHAT???????? it’s really nice out today and i have to study… and for what???? AND FOR WHAT??????????

  8. i am so ANGRY. i’m flipping channels, i see chappelle doing r kelly on re-runs on KBWB which i think is CW network.

    they cut about half of the “i want to piss on you song” out. total BS. they will not show a bucket labeled “doo doo butter”. they deem that inappropriate to be broadcast televised. the revolution will be. so what is left of the song: THEY BLEEPED OUT “PISS”. so pretty much they cut everything out. but at the end, dude says “I’m going to fart on you”…….. AND THEY LEFT IT IN! you can FART on people, out of your BUTT, but you CAN’T piss on PEOPLE out of your PENIS OR UPPER PUSSY HOLE. WHO MAKES THESE DECISIONS?! the CW is crazy WHACK. YOU’RE STEPPIN ON MY SNEAKERS MAN! the snake was down.

  9. “with vibeline.com, one man’s 5 might be another man’s 10.”

    aka: we are in the business of one man’s 5’s.

    also: racist.

    cal is one man’s 5.

  10. -9 and gloomy. Here we do not have the luxury of shaving our balls just because we feel like it. They stay “bearded” or you lose em. It’s a fact. Ask Spriner if you don’t believe me.

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