Arizona: Long Story Short

I’m laid up with the flu right now (and have been for the last three days), so I’ll make this a Long Story Short™. Don’t worry, eventually I’ll follow up with a Short Story Long version (including pictures.)

Let’s use the patented List Format:

  1. Played a ton of Rock Band with alandovos and his wife last Friday. Fun, fun, fun shit. I love that game.
  2. Kicked it with spacebee’s friend and entourage for a few days in Scottsdale.
  3. The weather in Phoenix was never over 65° while we were there, and rained two of the days. Inconceivable.
  4. Hiking was cool in Sedona, and we also did a Pink Jeep tour. Fun onna bun.
  5. I woke up Thursday morning with chills, fever, cough, sore throat, etc. As of today (Saturday) none of my symptoms have abated.
  6. Got some good pictures in Sedona of red rocks n’ shit.
  7. Hit up DeluxBurger in Fenix per Judd’s instructions. Good shit, but every single person that worked there was incompetent.
  8. Spacebee bought me a cowboy hat. My ridiculous transformation is complete, for sheezy.

59 thoughts on “Arizona: Long Story Short

  1. one thing that scares me is that most real helicopter blades spin counter clockwise. that means that all of my learned instincts will be backwards. it won’t matter though… i can already fly controlled without a cyclic… give me one of those and i’ll be doing flips and shooting down blue streak and someone will make a show about it, and greg will see it and smile. 10 seconds later he’ll be bored again.

  2. one time i was in a bar in chicago and the insomniac guy was in there with his film crew doing his thing. but i didn’t get involved… the story of my life. my life is like a helicoptor built below the ground. like crazy glue that does not stick. like M*A*S*H without tents. midterm on sunday. i am in the library. LIBRARY = LIBERATION! WHO NEEDS HELICOPTOR HOBBIES I HAVE THE FEDERAL RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE

  3. my favorite part is when the kid looks at the fat lady, and she is compelled to cover her face with both hands so she doesn’t have to see the pain she has caused. all while the dude from chappelle’s show holler service is in the background yuckin it up. i wonder how you get that hairstyle on a budget. peroxide and crusted mayonnaise with a mad dog 20/20 and french’s yellow conditioning rinse?

    the box had no cellophane and the weight was obviously off. the kid already knew something was wrong after 1 beat.

    but he had that beat.


  4. i’m watching cops… the lead officer says over the radio “suspect: white male, white shirt”. 5 seconds later they are tackling a man in a black shirt who has dark brown skin. close.

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