Wrestlemania XXIV THREAAAAAD~!


We’re gonna have an old-fashioned, midwest/west coast rivalry here on wm.com (wrestlemania.com?). Wrestlemania ex-ex-eye-vee starts at 6pm Central (4pm Pacific). The free Battle Royal starts at 5:30pm Central (3:30pm Pacific). The Midwest Regional is at Moneypenny’s place in Madison. The West Coast Regional is either at GMX’s place, or at some Swedish Chef’s house.

The Rules

  1. Everyone makes a prediction as to the outcome of the match.
  2. Your pick must be in stone before the opening bell rings.
  3. If your pick is not in by the opening bell, drink a penalty beer or shot.
  4. If your pick does not win, Stone Cold a beer or do a shot.
  5. There must be a pinfall or submission (or knockout, I suppose). If the finish is a DQ, no contest, or if Doink the Clown ruins the match the bet for that match is off.
  6. Side bets are allowed and encouraged.
  7. You can choose to double or nothing any bets for the purposes of tomorrow’s Opening Day matchup between the Brewers and Cubs at Wrigley (ugh) Field.
  8. Post results, side bets, etc. to whazzmaster.com
  9. Flair chops on the scientist are always welcome.

Gentlemen, start your engines…

171 thoughts on “Wrestlemania XXIV THREAAAAAD~!

  1. Welcome to Act I of the Derek-Turnbow-Hits-A-Guy-Then-Goes-Nuts Show. It is a two act show.

  2. I just ate a big ole bowl of popcorn. I drank a glass of water with it. Did you know that popped corn is an excellent source of fiber?

  3. that was a lie. popcorn was invented by orville reddenbacher, who turned 98 today.

  4. subway $5 footlongs ad campaign: you are dumb.

    ok ad genius, what do we need to say? $5 footlongs! that’s what! how can we do it? PANTAMIME! ok… how can we say “5”… a HAND! ok, how can we say foot long… THE OTHER HAND… HOLD THEM 12 INCHES APART! DONE! time for lunch on the corporate account. i’ll have a sam adams.

    IDIOTS: IT’S CALLED A FOOT BECAUSE IT’S ABOUT THE SIZE OF A FOOT! YOU CAN SAY “5” WITH A FOOT THE SAME AS A HAND… AND THEN YOU WOULDN’T NEED THE OTHER HAND. if you were going for simplest pantamime… YOU FAILED. 1 foot. i can name that shitty ad campaign idea in 1 foot. name that shitty ad campaign. subway. YOU WIN!#()%*&!()#*%&!)#%*^(!#(*

  5. Someone could signal with their foot, fall and break their neck, BAM!, and that’s a tort. 2 Legit 2 quit did not use feet. Sub eaters are built and trained for hand movement.

  6. you are proving my point… 2 legit 2 quit was great. possibly the most complex thing anyone could say with 1 hand ever throughout all of evolutions potential. bringing in a 2nd hand for something as simple as $5 footlong is extremely wasteful and unnecessary. is subway aware of the ramifications of global warming? what about the ramifications of making such tasty toasted meatball subs with provolone cheese, pickles and parmesan/oregano so affordable to people that can’t control their eating habits? in one retarded swoop subway has undone all the great things jarrod accomplished. more like $5 waste of 2 hands when we’re talking about FEET!#(*%^&!#(%*&!#^

    the ad should have been video from REAL subway employees flipping trays full of subs in the air and crazily ranting “FUCK EVERYTHING! WE’RE GOING TO $5!” get like 22 of those. rotate them 6 per ad. then after about the 3rd week start introducing video of the employees emptying their wallets and throwing money at the costomers. then in the final run week, jarrod. nude.

  7. oh man, and he’s crying and fucking a goat… and he wimpers “fuck everything.” and he’s WAAAAAAYYYY fat. like 2 old jarrods. and the goat is tiny. relative.

  8. Damn, you already posted about it in this very thread. I’m six days behind the internet. In internet time, that shit’s from the 7th fucking century.

  9. Studies have shown that the media adversely affects the effectiveness of rape chokes in today’s society.

  10. now the internet is making fun of vocoders.

    cal, i think you saw a zappos commercial. not sure if they are related to UPS, but they certainly wear earth tone uniforms. UPS did trademark “brown” as a word… do they have a tort if zappos start showing hippies in brownish uniforms and cal confuses the 2 and gets mad at the wrong people lowering their brand value?


  11. Omaha hi cash game = insane.

    Call an all in after flooping a set and the nut flush draw, holler out (cuz I’m chat banned in the USA), “I got the nizzles, son” and lose to a str8 flush.

    That’s poker 🙁


    Push with The Big Wrap and the (2nd)nut flush draw and lose to running tens making weak ass trips.

    I dumped a lot of money learning (but not really… $10 buy in) but I think there is potential here.

  12. no dude it was UPS – that hippy who draws cartoons on the “whiteboard” you know what UPS? you suck. cool new whazzmaster!!!!! i might flunk out of school ps

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