Wrestlemania XXIV THREAAAAAD~!


We’re gonna have an old-fashioned, midwest/west coast rivalry here on wm.com (wrestlemania.com?). Wrestlemania ex-ex-eye-vee starts at 6pm Central (4pm Pacific). The free Battle Royal starts at 5:30pm Central (3:30pm Pacific). The Midwest Regional is at Moneypenny’s place in Madison. The West Coast Regional is either at GMX’s place, or at some Swedish Chef’s house.

The Rules

  1. Everyone makes a prediction as to the outcome of the match.
  2. Your pick must be in stone before the opening bell rings.
  3. If your pick is not in by the opening bell, drink a penalty beer or shot.
  4. If your pick does not win, Stone Cold a beer or do a shot.
  5. There must be a pinfall or submission (or knockout, I suppose). If the finish is a DQ, no contest, or if Doink the Clown ruins the match the bet for that match is off.
  6. Side bets are allowed and encouraged.
  7. You can choose to double or nothing any bets for the purposes of tomorrow’s Opening Day matchup between the Brewers and Cubs at Wrigley (ugh) Field.
  8. Post results, side bets, etc. to whazzmaster.com
  9. Flair chops on the scientist are always welcome.

Gentlemen, start your engines…

171 thoughts on “Wrestlemania XXIV THREAAAAAD~!

  1. son of shit. $55 tourney… AA vs AKc and 56c 3 way all in JcQs2d flop.

    it comes club club and i’m out 62nd instead of being in the top 5.

    i drank enough to cover losing all my bets. i hope i won some.

  2. GMX: inbound 4nyay through thurs… i’m rolling down one of the nights if you want to ride durrrty.

    Blain: this is also true.

    Chef Boyardee: i love your mini-ravioli and spaghetti and meat balls. some of the rest of your shit is butt and you know it, bu those ones are ok.

    this guy: please come too. i’ll drive. we can get crazy conversions.

  3. don’t use bold, use strong. cause if you use bold thats old and wrong. use css and your page’ll load quicker…..

    oh my.


  5. Yo,

    Can you tivo UFC fight night and the new Ultimate Fighter? I really want to see it but I’m too busy tonight. If you do, I’ll cooked scrambled eggs and watch it with you on Thursday (BREAKFAST FOR DINNER MOTHER FUCKERS). Interested?

    Also, a big part of me thinks that this new opening day ticket scam is just another scam (virtual waiting room? Pfffffffft!) but I’d like to give it a try. If we can get a cheap-o obstructed view ticket, I’ll take it and just stand the whole game. Also, I have no problem parking way back on Bluemound and taking a 5K walk into the stadium. I can drive too; I just won’t drink.

    I don’t know. I guess I’m open to suggestions. I think that Jess wants to go and I owe her after the Wrestlmainia/Opening day disappearance, but she also wants to see you guys, so if you’re not in then she might want to stay. I’m up for either but if the tickets are cheap, I’d rather go.

  6. i tried to get the fight night on tivo and it overlapped with americas next top model so rachel threw a fit because “wednesdays are my big days… americas next top model and american idol” she is very patriotic. good thing there is a re-run later tonight and i have enough booze to escape until it’s on.

  7. long story short: tyra banks is a fake ass ho. i would have no problems choking her out in the b&p.

  8. 1. I’ll see what I can do about tivo’ing that stuff. Stacy has me taping American Idol since she’s at work, so I’m not sure about the overlap.
    2. About Opening Day: I’m not excited that brewers are such asses about this whole pile of shit. I had accepted not going long ago, and made many many plans that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Stacy’s working til late Thursday, and doesn’t like the idea of waking up immediately and driving to Milwaukee (on top of the fact that she’s doing me a solid just by going). Plus we’d like to be back in town at a decent hour since we have to wake up early the next morning to go see my parents. Also, since we were not planning on going until yesterday, Stacy had invited some coworkers to come over for a cookout/watch the game. Also: we all have off on Friday and it’s supposed to be beautiful outside. I’d rather cook out here and then watch the game and then run around Madison for the rest of the day. Basically, as wwhazz said a couple of weeks ago, “we can go to 100 tuesday night games for less money and with less hassle than opening day.” I agreed then and I agree now. The fact that the team took its head out of its ass for 7 seconds and is offering last minute tickets online doesn’t help those of us driving in from out of town.
    3. The Crew HAS, however, opened up a 4-1 lead in the sixth. Taking a series from the Cubbies to start the season would be nice.

  9. Wirkus and Jess, if you want to try to get tickets, I’m in, or I will try tomorrow or whatever we need to do. But I am not at all confident we are going to get tickets. I have to imagine that tomorrow’s auction or whatever will be a tremendous mess.

  10. Spoke too soon re: today’s game, of course. 5-2 bottom of the seventh. Torres comes in, gives up single, followed by 3 straight balls. Uggo-uggo

  11. Riske is up in the pen. Torres gives up another single. Cubs have runners on the corners with one out.

  12. i just saw some jackhole doing an ad for some lupus charity because his youngest daughter has it.

    the ad tag line for the charity: lupus… get into the loop.

    not get in the loop… get INTO the loop. LOOP. like LUPus. GET INTO IT.

    maybe that is how your daughter got it in the first place jackhole.

  13. You can go back in time using the following methods:

    1. Slingshot around the sun (useful to find whales)
    2. Fly around the earth opposite it’s rotation (really fast)
    3. Get an old aluminum car up to 88 miles per hour (fusion required)

    Any that I forgot?

  14. 4. Quantum physics (may simply enter and alternate timeline that appears as the past, though)

  15. Comedy gold on BET, Black Poker Stars Invitational. Anthony Anderson or Eddie Griffin or Faizon Love stole Kevin Hart’s card protector. Someone might get shot.

  16. god damn it. then i want to check out the new show DEA on spike… hoping it is a cross between the wire, homicide: life on the street and how high. then rach-o cancels it to record the real world awards.


    i’m overdosing on green tea right now. the real shit. lipton.

    the good doctor pushed his flight back to 8pm, so everyone to the english pub until then. supposedly there is a hot bartender who bongs car bombs or something as equally appealing to problem drinkers. bring out the hot mess! perform!

  17. ^@#&@#&@#& THE )(#&)@#^( REAL WORLD #)%^&@#)^(&@^ AAAAAA()#!%&*!)#(*& WARDS#)%(*&@#()*^&@#^

    R U JOKIN’ ME?!



  19. i think they got the old dj from waves to do the beat on this biatch. asian dance party, not creed jr.

  20. actually both.

    dana white brings people together. but would he be as successful if his name was dana black? no.


    james the fix irvin.

    i knew your sister alice

  22. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    hey whazzman, how big is your boner for forbidden kingdom?

    jackie chan, jet li. 2 man enter. 1 man leave. chris tucker cameo? better be.

  23. MOVE! i’m in the ring blah blah blah MOVE! MOVE! this is my hooooommmmmmme.


    MOVE! BOOM! something something like weee doooooooooo


    i got joe. shots of seagrams if i lose. 4am shots. LIQUOR FOR BREAKFAST! BUT IT’S DINNER!


  24. Virtual waiting room. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Any tickets left for your party?

  25. The virtual waiting room was a gateway to an actual kick in the balls. They didn’t even have 3 SRO tickets. And the password they gave me didn’t work. Did you know that there is a parking option at Miller Park that costs $400?

  26. Weeks just knocked the Cubs catcher Soto on his ass when the play at the plate wasn’t close. He did it, as Brian Anderson said, “just for kicks.”

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