New WordPress, Design, Twitter, CAL

WordPress 2.5 was recently released so I upgraded the software running the site. I also updated the visual design to a 3-column layout so that I could add a new Twitter feed. Twitter is an interesting app that lets me post quick little blurbs to the blog from instant messaging, text messages, or the web. Kinda cool, and I wanted to try it out for awhile. While I was working in the site admin section I took the opportunity to clean out the cruft in the links section: removing sites I don’t go to anymore and adding new ones that I frequent often.

In other news, the Brewers have started the season well by taking 2 of 3 from the Cubbies at Wrigley, then sweeping the hapless Giants in the Miller Park opening weekend. With the extreme exception of the Gagne Explosion on opening day, the bullpen has looked good. They kick off a series at Miller Park tonight against the Cincinnati (boo!) Reds. I don’t hate Cordero as much as everyone else seems to; if Cincinnati wants to lock up a closer for 4 years at close to $50 million, go ahead. I actually wouldn’t have felt very good about the Brewers laying out that much dough for a closer. If Cordero works out well for them, ok, if not then “ha-ha”.

BTW– Scientist, that vocoder link was fucking awesome. Good find, I’ll link to it here for posterity.

18 thoughts on “New WordPress, Design, Twitter, CAL

  1. Too bad I can’t watch the Brewers tonight; instead I get to watch a fucking Bucks game. Who gives a flying fuck about those losers? If it’s on WMLW in Milwaukee, do they show it in Madison? If so, what channel?

  2. Hey ma lookit me, I’m listenin’ to uke on AM1310. I’m using my imagination to imagine Prince diving for a ground ball.

  3. Their Burger bar is pretty great… it’s like Fuddruckers X 10. The Aureal is so-so. Expensive as fuck but the wine angles are kinda cool. Moslty it’s a place for boozin, I think.

  4. For the last three nights I’ve had similar dreams. I’m in a casino and all the table games are crammed full of people. The craps table is empty, however. I walk up and buy in, and I start rolling. In two of the dreams (3 days ago and last night) I never hit my point but never 7 out either. Two nights ago the same thing happened, but every throw I made went off the table (no one seemed to be mad about that). What does it all mean?!

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