But seriously, folks, I’ll be here all weak– er, week.  Anyways, Gagne blew another save last night– that french canadian lunkhead, but everything was Happy Day again as Weeks hit a grounder to left to score Hardy in the bottom of the 10th inning.  Brewers are 6-1 and I’m definitely looking forward to watching tonight’s game on FSN (no offense Uecker and Powell).  Anyone want to join me? I got some Miller Lites left from Opening Day last weekend.

Cal– sign up for Twitter, it suits your Snappy One Liner Discourse perfectly.

13 thoughts on “Weaks

  1. WHOA! someone used css so their page’ll load quicker. cal, don’t use bold cal, use strong cal…. cause if you bold cal, that’s old and wrong cal.

    can you make the “whazzmaster said, [PARAGRAPH BREAK]on this day you don’t care about [PARAGRAPH BREAK] into just one line with a thin divider and the comment right below it?


  2. ON APRIL 9TH, madddddddd said,
    dookie farts.

  3. OR

    madddddd says, . . .. . .. .. . .. . .. . .. . . .. . .. . [right aligned:] APRIL 9TH 2008
    cunt whispers.

    with 6 extra pixels between maddddd and cunt. (that is all there ever is anyways)

  4. maybe flip them and change the tense…

    whazzmaster says, (then in smaller letters in brackets the date)

    then first off you know who it is, hit the comma, go to the text, and if you need the date you can come back to it. usually more important who said what in which order than what time it was said at.

    cal, did you fail? i don’t think you did. you did get some borderling C’s though.

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