CoCo Cooperative Cool-Aid

Francisco Cordero came into the Brewers/Reds game last night to save the game and was roundly booed by those in attendance.  Wwhazz and I thought it may have been better if Dusty Rhodes Baker was walking to the clubhouse earlier in the day and found CoCo knocked out under a cart of hot dogs buns.  Milwaukee Brewers GM Doug Melvin would have to organize a game-long search for the culprit, and Bud Selig would declare that the Reds would field a Mystery Closer of his choosing.  At the bottom of the ninth, huge fountains of flame would erupt from each of the four bases and ~~BY GAWD~~ THE BIG RED MONSTER KANE would saunter out of the bullpen.  He would throw six straight strikes, then Pete Rose would run onto the field and get a tombstone piledriver.  Sadly, it would still result in a Brewers loss.

20 thoughts on “CoCo Cooperative Cool-Aid

  1. Deep Thought: Never again have I thoroughly enjoyed a plane trip as much as the trip to Vegas with Scientist and our Late-Night Buddy Ken. Seriously, when we got off the plane IN VEGAS we went to airport bar next to the gate and each ordered 3 drinks. Bawk, bawk, what?!

  2. yeah i think it was my own dumbness which led to the loss of the cool/funny post. i know it had to do with accidential use of the “back” button but i couldn’t say exactly what happened. it’s the most beautiful day ever and i got three hours of sleep last night and i in the library now. how do you like those apples. i’m so tired all i see is heeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaat raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaat rayyyyyyyyyyyysssssssssssssssssss du du du

  3. i think yesterday was better. i just had to walk the dog to rach-o’s work and my shit was super hot by the time i got back.

  4. here are my 2 favorite 100% madddddd original pieces of humor:

    1) what do you do when you’re done fucking a midget?


    2) what kind of chow is that mayne?

    chicken chow mein.

  5. oooh, a new one

    what did al pacino say to amy roloff after he fucked her?

    you an itty bitty bitch. HOOOO AHHHHH

  6. i just lent $25 to a goat herder in uganda.

    money talks and bullshit walks. you have my money on the 5th or i’m breaking legs. goat legs. then you have until the 15th. then, it’s your legs. say i won’t. i’m in uganda ALL. THE FUCKING. TIME. herd a bitch!

  7. Jack’s Casino is open for business in Madison. We take $5 pass line max with 3x-4x-5x odds. No hop bets, hardways are working on the come out. WATCH YOUR DICKS, SHIRTLESS SUNDAYS ARE BACK BITCHES!

  8. damn you scientist! do it! so far none of my “invitees” have made loans… i’m getting screwed in this pyramid deal! all i had to do was send 1000 invitations and the money would pour in! jk this is the philanthropy end of cal… but anyway i can see that nobody is lending their dollars so i will open this up to the broader whazz community:

    do it!

  9. to help promote i will think of a rap that goes with it.

    i can’t think of a rhyme for “org” forget it.

    Goaaaaaaaatttt herrrrrrderrrssss du du du

  10. JACKS?! come on. keep joe’s alive. JOE would want it that way. the entire idea of JOE is killed because one might assume that a close JACK to you was involved. blame JOE. he has all that crab money, and i’m sure he get’s a piece of the bushman game for the 2nd store window seats. JOE runs my casino officer. GO FIND JOE! also, come back on sunday… we’ll all be here just like this, playing these same fine games of chance, but we’ll be shirtless. that’s every shirtless sunday at joe’s casino.

    busy as shit not being unemployed and having to catch up after spending the whole weekend at golden gate park. i hope you got out of the library cal, it’s been good.

  11. Actually I’m shirtless right now. Too bad it’s no longer Sunday here in the midwest. The Good News, NEXT Sunday I’ll be in the Yay Area. Shirtless?

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