NerdFest 2008

Spacebee indulged me today and we went to Pegasus Games to do a little geek shopping.  She picked out some party game where people guess answers to trivia questions and then everyone places wagers on whose is correct.   I’m looking forward to mixing my destructuve love of gambling with a fun, party atmosphere.  I got a felt craps layout for Jack’s Casino, so there’s that, and then I picked up two World of Warcraft TCG Starter Decks.  Somehow I got spacebee to play a game with me; I liked it a lot, but when I asked her if she hated it her reply of, “no, I don’t hate it” didn’t really convince me.  I kinda wish I had more nerd friends to play nerd games with.  Sigh.  We’ll always have craps.  At any rate, I’m still planning on going to PAX this year in Seattle with alandovos so I’ll just build a deck so some Seattle Super Nerd can kick the holy fuck out of me.  Time to buy some booster packs.

After a disastrous Friday evening game the Brewers took the series from the Mets this weekend, which is awesome.  Sheets has been good in his outings this year, and the offense is clicking (even if Braun and Fielder are off to a slow start.)  I haven’t been to a game yet this year, and the upcoming trips to California and Vegas suggest it’s not in my immediate future.  Wwhazz/Lawman, what about sometime in May– wanna plan a Saturday or Sunday Brewer game?  Also: fishing.

19 thoughts on “NerdFest 2008

  1. Star Wars Episode VII: Attack of the microloans to padowan jedis from uganda

    AOTMTPJFU on the forums, dawg. or ep7 if ur laaaaaaaaame@

  2. Still got a whole box full of starters for other nerd games… hit me up if you want to try some other ones on the cheap.

  3. Here’s the list of names I submitted for our sand volleyball team:

    1.) Legion of Doom
    2.) Midnight Rockers
    3.) Midnight Express
    4.) The Dread Pirate Roberts
    5.) The Smell of Defeat
    6.) Prince Fielder and the Electrogasmic Bratwurst
    7.) The Towering Infernos

  4. I think it’s a good mix of supremely confidant and supremely pessimistic names. We’ll see which one our intrepid team captain (spacebee) chooses.

  5. Spacebee’s Grave Diggers

    1) wrestling reference (the grave digger)
    2) volleyball reference (dig)
    3) supremely confidant/pessimistic ambiguity (who is the grave for)
    4) it has spacebee’s name in it, so she will accept it more easily.

  6. lawyerin cal… WHAT?! lawyerin cal.
    lawyerin cal… WHO?! lawyerin cal.
    he runs the block, then he runs the whole damn city
    cops on the drop holler “cal, i know you see me”
    glocks? they with his beezy
    rocks? they in his sneezy.
    try to lock him up and get smacked down like dig ’em

  7. looped up like sammy, or trooped up like wiggum
    library blueprint cerebral floorplan
    no time for no man
    so flow like a nomad
    yo, where’s my house at?

  8. It’s supposed to hit the 60s for the first time of the year in Madison today. As a result: WINDOWS OPEN IN THE APARTMENT, WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  9. Played WoW draft at Netherworld Games over on Mifflin last night. The people there were pretty nice considering I’m a total n00b.

  10. are you flying in tomorrow? i’m going down to san jeeeezy at 7:30 to see the good doctor and fuddruckus at the english pub by the errrrport. i tried to get in touch with gmx, no luck. last i heard he was giving up everything and abandoning the bar for a “job”. that is gay.

  11. you can see the ocean / a large pier / surfable waves from your livingroom
    there is a bar full of fun people within walking distance of your house
    you manage that bar
    your rent is paid
    you own the biggest tv i the world

    i wouldn’t fuck with that.

  12. Naw, flying in Sunday at noon. Staying at that Crown Plaza near San Antone & El Camino til Wednesday and then I’ll be staying at the Fairmont up in the city. Booyah to your momma’s house.

  13. belly’s aunt is the charter communication save a bundle player of the game. If the Brewers record a save she wins three months of free cable… kind of a weird thing to find out listening to the pregame show.

  14. My odds are working on the come out. Spacebee and I are going to the Depot for darts ‘n’ drinks, then it’s off to Joe’s Casino. Comin’ out– watch your dicks.

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