Kruppin Ain’t, Kruppin Ain’t Easy Man

I had to wake up early this morning and get the apartment in order (and order some new coffee filters!).  For some reason, the financier of the apartment building we live in is randomly touring units?

Our lender requires an annual tour of the Tobacco Loft Apartments. We send a rent roll to the lender and ranom apartments are selected.

On — between 10:30 and 11:30am we will be conducting a tour of your apartment. I will accompany all who enter your home.

So some bean counters are going to be dusting for fingerprints or counting my socks or whatever– not sure.  It was a little tough waking early due to the Brewers dogged insistence on sucking last night.  We were over at the Main Depot and things got slightly-but-not-too out of hand when the new bartender-in-training was practicing making shots like ‘Red-Headed Slut’ and ‘Pussy Juice’.  Pussy Juice = Crown Royal, Pineapple Juice, Something Else.

Lawman has been hunting well for the perfect craps table for Joe’s and I can assure you he’s getting close.  Even spacebee is getting in on the action; she wants to ‘get good’ before we hit Vegas in a week and a half.  Nice: we’re either gonna lose all our money in the first 15 seconds or become fucking rich.  I wanna stay in that groovy suite with the bowling alley– AND THEN BOWL 10 FRAMES OF GUTTERBALLS.  Moo hoo ha ha.

Gotta run and hide my socks ‘n shit.

24 thoughts on “Kruppin Ain’t, Kruppin Ain’t Easy Man

  1. Dude, you should have your craps table up for the inspection. Get dude rollin and you’re the landlord (and the orange goblin is your sex slave).

  2. When my head is on my pillow, the view out my window is a giant Ho Chunk billboard that says “Dice Out.” Sometimes I wonder if they put it there just for me.

  3. i’ve seen that smaller craps table… it’s worthless. might as well play on the floor.

    offer my dad $1,200 and get a custom built medium sized one that could be broken down and stored.

  4. here is everything you need:

    3′ x 6′ base maybe a little more for a drink rail. sturdy light material, cut in pieces that can be secured together and sit on a surface without damaging it (rubber pads on bottom). then 1/4″ stiffish foam and the layout pulled evenly tight on top.

    the rail should be 6 pieces each 3′ long that all connect easily. chip rail on top, drink rail on the bottom. rail should be about 5″ thick and be hollow 1×12 frame.

    from there it’s just how nutty you want to go with the router and stain and leather padding or whatever. i say build it. your customers will appreciate the effort.

  5. I really played next to a guy on stars who was from Boobenheim. Maybe Bubenheim, same thing though.

  6. Sing the fucking Losin-To-The-Two-Outer-On-The-River-$90-Pot Song. Motherfucking wankers.

  7. That fucking shitface that called 3 bets with KTo must be so happy with himself. He’s the motherfucking king of poker.

  8. i live that 28 hour day… maybe even another frequency on top of that. it works fine for a few weeks, then you crash for a day and wake up thinking it’s tuesday and it turns out to be september. lazy organs depending on the oscillations of the earth moon and sun to regulate their timing are l@@@@@@@Me.

  9. if i’m not mistaken, every one of you has orders to report to the mess deck. for duty.

    see ya at the party casey!

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