Vegas 2008

So much news and junk to get to– let’s get right in to it (har).

The best parts of Vegas this trip were surely non-gambling related.  The Beatles LOVE show at the Mirage was entertaining, Spacebee and I rented out a cabana at the Mandalay pool for a day, and our 2nd Anniversary dinner at STRIPSTEAK in the Mandalay may just have been the best service (and food) that I have ever had in a restaurant.  We also followed my former boss’ advice and had lunch a tiny, blink-and-you’d-miss-it cafe in the Venetian.  The result: an incredible meal.  Back to STRIPSTEAK for a moment; I really can’t say enough about how well we were treated and how great our waitress was.  We arrived 30 minutes before our reservation and expected to wait at the bar, but they wished us a happy anniversary and whisked us right to our table.  They accommodated my request for one finger of scotch to go with my salad course, and the waitress suggested I try a cut called a Ribeye Cap which turned out to be quite good.  Finally, our dessert had ‘Happy Anniversary’ written the plate in chocolate.  Little pricey, but a great place.  I would definitely go again.

The worst parts of Vegas were gambling-related.  Every time I touched the dice (or bet on others who touched the dice) I got assraped, but it was nothing compared to the utter shitstorm that awaited me at the blackjack tables.  The runs were just horrendous, with dealers actually expressing their condolences to the degree that I was pounded.  11? Double down. Get a 3. Dealer 5? 6 underneath. 21.  It just wouldn’t stop, so I did.  As a matter of fact, the most FUN I had gambling in Vegas, even if I didn’t win, was playing roulette with spacebee down on Fremont Street at the Golden Nugget.  We also had a great time playing $3 craps at the Golden Gate, even though we didn’t win there.  I have to say, the dealers down on Fremont are more fun by a mile than the dour sons-of-bitches on the Strip.

Spacebee got me a rod and reel for an anniversary gift and I’m eager to go try it out on some unsuspecting fish.

The Sausage Race this year is on July 26th.  It just so happens that that is the day that I’ll be attending Spacebee’s cousin’s bachelor party.  The good news: it’s at the Brewer Game, so I’ll be there anyways.  Everyone else, though, click here to sign up.

Speaking of the Brewers, I saw first thing this morning that they jettisoned Turnbow.  Probably for the best; when dude gives up 6 runs in a game like Wednesday’s he’s probably not the one we want.  However, now that Gallardo’s injured again we’ve got Dave Bush back into the rotation. Hurrah (sarcasm).  I’m not sure what to think at this point in the season.  The Crew has yet to put together a good run or a big slide– it’s just kind of flat.  Maybe the bats just haven’t come alive yet, and if they’re above .500 with the way they’ve been hitting so far, they could be in for a quite a little run.  I’ll just leave it at that.

Thanks again to Maddddddddddddd for letting me crash at his place last week.  Sadly it will be the last time I get to see the Little Tycoons playset from his window as he will be packing up his rucksack and hopping the next boxcar to Seattle.  Happy trails you silly little hobo.  Last Friday me and scientist did have a boatload of fun playing Whazz Classic at the Nob Hill Tavern.  I was even on my way to -20 before a stroke limit bottled my potential and threw it in the sea.  Fuckin’ whazz. whizz.

So.  I’ve cross-crossed the United States the last two weeks on Midwest Airlines and I’m ready to settle in for a long summer’s nap.  We planned a camping trip up north in June, but other than that we’ll be rooted in Madison for the remainder, cap’n.  Stop by and sit for a spell; it’s right nice.

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  2. dude madd we’re like two ships who passed in the night. two awesome ships. bon voyage amigo. i wish i could see you before you leave but finals on mon, wed, friday, and last one on monday. then done. take care, come back anytime. damn, i was going to do a whazzmaster list recently and i had a bunch of things to put into it. awesome things. but that was last night now i forgot. whazzmaster sorry i missed you while you were here. we are like ships also. ok here is my post for the night. the one thing that is probably in my head more than anything else in the entire world… i will never ever ever no matter how long i live be able to rid myself of this… i know it. it’s this:

    so annoying. why didn’t i go to hypnosis school instead of law school maybe i misspelled hypnosis on my hypnosis school application and that’s why they didn’t let me in? hello? can you help me? it chews so soft it get’s right to me. help! please, juicy fruit. let go of my mind.

  3. Got my fishing license and trout stamp today. I’m watching the end of the Cubs game and cooking with some of the stuff we got in the first CSA share of the year.

    Sauteed some ramps and carrots in butter, then added chopped bok choy and a little diced white onion. I cooked some wild rice I found deep in the cabinet for 10 minutes by itself and then added it and a little uncooked jasmine rice to the sauteed concoction. Added 1 brick (br.) of homemade vegetable stock I had, salt, and thyme and cooked for 25 minutes.

    Let’s see how it tastes…

    Ehh, it’s not bad. I wish I had used more ramps, but it’s tasty.

  4. last day in the city. don’t worry cal, i’m dropping all my crab pots. i figure a good 12 month soak and i’ll be rolling in opie cash next year. until then, i’m a salmon wrestler.

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