Buncha Dicks

Yes, Richards are everywhere in the Milwaukee Sportswriting Universe (i.e., the Journal-Sentinel sports page). Lately the JS has done some ‘reader Q&A’ blogs on their website, and the universal answer to every Brewer fan gripe was, “If Turnbow/Yost/Shouse/Bush/Melvin/Bernie suck as bad as you say, why is the team four games over .500?” Well, a few weeks later and now the team is just one game over .500, 3rd in the division, and coming off a disastrous sweep by the Astros (the fucking Astros!) heading into a tough series with Florida without a starting pitcher and with a closer who has the most blown saves in the majors. From their delightful Brewers Mailbag:

Q: Paul Johnson of Dubuque – How long before the Brewers fire New Yost? This season is looking like a repeat of the previous seasons—–time for a change.

A: Brewers Mailbag – Yeah, the manager is doing a terrible job. The team is 11-7 despite most of the key hitters struggling, and some of the starting pitchers as well. Got to be the manager’s fault. Sheesh.

Fuck you, he IS doing a terrible job.

Q: badgermitt of Mequon – It is early and we should not panic. It is a long season. ok, I said it 5 times fast. It seems like the same ol’ Brewers, starters not getting 6 innings and no timely hitting.

A: Brewers Mailbag – And yet the team is 11-7. Not too shabby.

Except now they’re not, and you’re a dick.

Q: Tim Trapp of Rio Rico – Ned Yost made his worse move of the young season. With a bullpen full of pitchers he brings Gagne in for a fourth consecutive day. Do they have a radar gun in the bullpen? He did not have his normal velocity and threw what amounted to batting practice pitches and lost the game. What was Ned thinking?

A: Brewers Mailbag – I think Yost was thinking that Gagne would save the victory.

And I think that you’re a dick, and that it’s not a good idea to push a questionable closer for 4 straight days when you have other experienced pitchers (among them former closers!) in the pen.

Look, I’m not freaking out about the Brewers being 3.5 games back in early May (though I do think the Astros series was horrendous). This is more about the Journal Sentinel’s sportswriters being complete assholes. If they didn’t want to answer reader questions, then why did they even create the fucking ‘feature’ to begin with? They know that sports inspires all sorts of misplaced anger and blame, then took reader questions which included the inevitable grousing about the coach and the past decisions, then wrote smug “answers” to said questions. Jerks!


Speak of the devil; as soon as I posted the above I got an RSS alert that a new Brewers Mailbag had posted.  And right off the bat…

Q: Jon Czerwinski of Waupaca, WI – You keep defending Yost and say the season is early but what about last year with the relative same team and the year before that and so on. How many it’s earlies do you keep giving him? Are you on Yost’s payroll? or a Journalist?

A: Tom Haudricourt – What have I written to defend Yost? I don’t remember taking any stands on that subject. I ask him questions about what’s going on with the team and then write the answers. And I didn’t know Yost had a payroll.

Umm, well, I would point you to all the responses in the past Mailbag, which included your byline.

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  1. i went to the tavern tonight and got a hole in 1 on the 3rd hole of the water course. that was the end of my round. at that point the totals were PHP -3, PHP -2, RAJ -2. if only whazz stopped at 3 holes. it’s a LLLLOOOOOOONGGGGGGG WHAZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  2. Nice, dude. Good to have PHP or RAJ on the hole-in-one list somewhere in america. Now where’s PAL?

  3. the best answer is the “gagne could not win, what was yost thinking” :: “that gagne would win”…

    that is borderline irresponsible journalism. WHY would he win newspaper man? WHY!#%(*&#^)(!&#

  4. i saw an oregon license plate today: 241 CAJ. it’s like cal and raj. on sale! 2 for 1!

  5. He’s not saying he thinks Gagne would win, he’s saying Yost thought Gagne would win. He is answering the question “what was Yost thinking?”

  6. yeah, and dude is saying “there is no logical reason to think that, so HOW and WHY COULD yost think that?” HE COULDN’T. GAGNE IS UNWINNABLE!@#(^*&!#^

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