Bullet Dodging

I knew that flour anecdote was gonna get me into trouble. Did you further know that salamanders used to cost $4/dozen and now they’re at $12 each? DID YOU?! Anyways, there’s some real news that makes me satisfied with my choice to sell my truck last December. It appears that the secondary market for SUV’s has, ahem, crashed.

Via Calculated Risk.

Thinking about trading in that Tahoe for a Civic? Sit down.

High fuel prices are causing the value of used SUVs to plummet, often below what’s listed in the buying guides many shoppers use to negotiate with dealers.

As a result, some new-car buyers think they’re getting cheated by dealers who are offering them little for their SUV trade-ins.

“The dealer is going to offer a price, and the customer is going to be ticked off,” says Tom Webb, chief economist for Manheim, operators of auctions where car dealers buy their used-vehicle inventories. “The guidebooks have not caught up to the market,” he says.

Just call me Boris.

32 thoughts on “Bullet Dodging

  1. or maybe people who can’t think for themselves observe you, a person who seemingly can think for themselves, and then do what you do, or at least believe it to be correct. you’re a SUV trend setter.

  2. to test that theory, you should go buy 2 SUVs, and then gas will be 80 cents

  3. i just wrote an awesome drunk driving anthem…

    it’s called “i drink berrrrrrs, then i spin tirrrrrrrrrrs”

    drop a verse

  4. my tivo thought i’d like an episode of “classic bowling”… i trust my tivo so i watched it. 1986 tampa open or something. a doofus looking 23 year old started out with 8/, 8/, and then 4 strikes. it was his first televised appearance. the announcers says “these kids today… they don’t care about national television! they get out there and throw strikes!”. i wonder if he still would have thrown strikes if he had known about tivo and re-runs and mr. fusion.

  5. Hey cla,

    What is the loCAL reaction to Barry Bonds? You all used to line up for a chance to clean his butthole with your tongue, but now what? Do people miss him? Do your fellow Franciscans pretend that he was never there? Is the average ipod wearing asshole angry? hurt? How is it portrayed in the local media? This is a long question so if you just want to cal me that’s cool.


  6. I think I can answer that: they pretend he was never there. I’m pretty sure the ballpark scrubbed all the Barry Bonds Triumph of the Will-style propaganda that was spread all over the place. They rode his roided ass to sold-out games and millions of dollars in merch and now the stadium is empty.

  7. that is exactly right. barry who? but i went to a concert about six months ago and the dude was like “hey what about barry bonds!” and people were not amused. let me think of an equalivant… it’s sort of like if tammy baldwin got caught using steroids and denied it but she had been hitting tons of homers for the local baseball team… and she’d been a jerk for years but still… she’s your jerk legislator know what i mean? what ever happened to tammy anyway? is she still around? she came into the plaza once (not to be confused with the plaza lounge) to rally her boozing constituancy and a pal of mine said “hey tammy if you take a sip of this i’ll vote for you” and she did. it was a long island i think. i doubt he voted.

  8. Ok. Thanks. I guess in the end you people (SF) are evil. I guess we (WI) did it too with chewy (mark chmura) but he diddled gumby’s (jim gantner) teenage daughter in a hot tub.

  9. knowing whazzmaster’s tastes, he’ll have to clean off the keyboard after watching that

  10. I’m pretty convinced that your bike wasn’t stolen. You probably locked it up somewhere and forgot about it or locked it somewhere for a really long time and a “all bikes not removed by a certain date will be removed” happened. Did you ask your orange goblin? LIke, maybe they had to paint the racks or do somehting with landscaping or snow removal and moved it.

  11. >> You probably locked it up somewhere and forgot about it

    That’s a good point and I thought of that, but in the end I racked my brain and couldn’t think of where it could be. As for them moving it, last I remember it was locked up right next to Stacy’s bike on the rack. Hers was still there and mine wasn’t. Shrug. Oh well, if I remember then I’ll have TWO bikes. I’ll superglue ’em together and we’ll go for a wonderful tandem ride, just Me An’ Cal!

  12. WTF brewers!?!??!?!!?! One minute Sheets is tossing a no-no and the next it’s 6-0.

    What’s up with this back-to-back jacks we keep giving up. We gotta be leading the league.


  13. Maybe you should got to a hypnotist or a psychic and see if they can help you find your bike.

    POTATO BALLER!!!!!!!!

  14. On the teevee a couple nights back anderson and rock were talking about how McClung may be thrown into the rotation. Apparently he’s working on a.. (dun dun dunnnnnnn!) THIRD PITCH!

  15. seatac is awesome. i can park my car right outside of my house, and the spot is always open and it’s free! quincy has a private yard full of small quincy sized plants and trees and bushes to quincy all over on. the weather is great and there is a lot more foliage. pretty much it’s a direct middle ground between the bay area and racine, but it’s the middle where the negatives from each are removed which makes the positives that much better. i’m sold.

  16. Nice. Joe’s bluegill special was special. Poker was CXL’ed, but they had dice, of course. I think poker was a ruse just to get me in the door.

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