Bluegill Schmooblill

I’ve been busy the past week or so as work heats up and the weather turns milder. I hadn’t even seen wwhazz in a while, so last night lawman, he, and I had a bluegill feast to lighten up lawman’s possession limit. We mixed in some ramps/spinach/pasta fry and a nice big salad that changed wwhazz’s outlook on salads. Then we went to Joe’s Casino.

I got a new bike this week, and I’m getting it outfitted soon for some saddlebags and other storage stuff. Being without a car, it would be nice to be able to ride to the market and have a way to get a reasonable amount of groceries home with me. Plus it would be nice to be able to carry food and stuff when we go for trail rides without taking a bulky backpack along. Maybe I’ll post some pictures when I get the thing fully outfitted.

This is amusing.

The Brewers have been on a roller coaster of late. Two straight sweeps on the road, followed by a good 3 -out-of-4 from the then-division leading Cardinals at home, and they were on the verge of taking the series from the Dodgers when Guillermo Mota unloaded a big, stinky blown save on the mound in the top of the ninth. I wonder if he got a swirly in the clubhouse for that performance. Now the Brewers head to Boston in what will certainly be a horrific beatdown (though I do wish otherwise) by the Red Sox. The pitching just Isn’t There, and no matter how much Melvin and Attanasio talk up the rotation and the pen there just isn’t enough pitching on the team for them to go the distance in the fucking division let alone contend IN the playoffs. It would be nice to be a fan of a team where you don’t cringe in every single ninth inning where your team is winning.

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  1. Did you see that customers who bought that pee cup also bought that sweet pantera claw? Weird combo.

  2. 1. Spacebee told me she wants that thing for our camping trip
    2. I did see the pantera claw– I have no goddamned clue why that thing is listed under the ‘Camping & Outdoors’ section. It’s a Wolverine Kit s’what it is.

  3. cal, you know how in 12 angry men they are all like, WHOA, if he just opened a switchblade he couldn’t have stabbed downward! he would have had to switch hands! NOT GUILTY… well… i can spin knives around in my hand with ease and precision. i could have opened the switchblade and in the same motion, utilizing the force of the moving blade, spun it around, grasped it at the right moment and come down on your sternum. does my testimony change the precedent set by the movie? can you tell someone in charge at the law academy about me? it’s not that i’m some masterful knife slanger… to an untrained eye perhaps, but maybe these judicial junkies don’t know about the game. the knife slangin game. maybe they just don’t know. maybe a guilty man is walking free because they don’t know.

  4. it’s not possible. it’s the first thing they tell you at orientation. a switchblade CANNOT be opened and then stabbed downward. It’s an impossibility, it’s been proven throughout the movies. sorry dude, talk to the hand because the face don’t understand.

  5. Fucking brewers… they’ve now lost 9 straight road games. They’re fucking terrific. Also: at the bottom of the division as of this morning. That means that the Pittsburgh Pirates are ahead in the standings.

  6. I hate the Red Sox so much, it is heart-breaking to watch the Brewers play so goddamned awful.

  7. If you go to and put “Davey Nelson” in the search box you get a real gem about his intimacy with players at first base.

    I noticed this when he was with the Brewers, and that after base hits players would quickly take a lead to avoid it. Sometimes they even took off on an ill-advised steal to avoid it.

  8. being from michigan enjoying this poem a jerk certainly would while posting on his favorite web site eating michigan pastries and dreaming of the women saying “wisconsin is where we are from” wearing pasties on their nips and cooch.

  9. cal, have you ever been to seattle? it’s more san francisco than san francisco! i was shocked. hills, water, streetlights, people, whooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. no, the jerk guy from from michigan was eating the pastries and eating the cooch. the nip pasties were on the girls from wisconsin he was dreaming about while eating.

  11. you’re ruining the poem! yes i have been there albeit briefly. i liked it but dude it’s going to start raining in a few months and it’s not going to stop. but i think i would like living there.
    you’re my friend albeit a jerk friend.

  12. wow and near love! i work like 20 hour days now 🙁 up waiting on log rotation scripts to finish.

    cal, you should be one of those “IT’S MY MONEY, AND I NEED IT NOW!” actors. i’d really like to see your spin on it.

  13. I don’t make shit, but you can’t beat the hours. I just submitted my grades and now I’m off until June 23rd.

    I’m kind of unsure what to do with myself.

  14. I guess I’ll hunt and gather and gamble, mostly.

    We’ve had some good luck with morels, so far.

  15. we’re going on an alaskan cruise from the 7th-13th… royal carrib out of seattle. book it.

  16. Shit, I’ll baby sit Quince. We’ll hold all night dance parties and pee on things.

  17. we need someone to watch him! you can stay here and have all the parties you want. i have booze and cheese and cigars too. cohibas! robustos! please!

  18. Dude it would be fun sabatiCAL. I really like everything on that list except cigars. Let me check some flights and with my wife.

  19. who does a baseball respect the most?

    these cigs are top notch. majestic flavor and prolonged feeling of enlightenment. they are from across the water.

    the wine is FRENCH! the cheese is YELLOWISH!

  20. yay cal!

    check it out i know this girl… she’s trying to make the olympics this summer.. she just ran a 4.01 in 1500 meters (three and 1/2 laps around the track) which is the 5th fastest all-time for an american woman. AND it’s the fastest 1500 in the world in 2008… AND it’s the fastest US time in 6 years. AND we are pals and i even ran a track workout with her once. AND when i say we are pals i mean that she would remember me if i refreshed her memory as to who i am and how i know her! awesome!

  21. 1) did you hit it?
    2) by fast in 2008, is that for women only or counting the more effective athletes as well? hard to run slow with 3 legs. am i right, buddy?! UP TOP! dudes.

  22. one time i did a 1500 on just the middle one… but that was her weight, and i scuffed everything that matters.

  23. what is it like to know that the memory of your existance isn’t enough to hinder the potential for great lateral speed any more than an enema placebo?

    has knowing what it’s like from experience slowed your 1500 times down at all?

  24. so the dugger family (as in jinger dugger, does anyone remember our diatribe against them at kalish hoedown last year?) is expecting baby #18. that’s right. 18 fucking children under the age of twenty. i wonder what “J” name they can come up with next.

  25. wow… A&E tonight… Under Siege… back to back TO BACK….. TO BACK!#%(*&!#%

    unless you are some lowly lowly cook stuck with a saturday shift (perhaps you took it to get monday off), DON’T MISS IT!

    GARY BUSEY VS. CAL!#!%(*)&!#%

  26. i tried to look up hackfest and checked, but couldn’t find a description of your project. what’s the skrillio?

  27. you should make a cacheable, non-blocking, javascript twitter loader so pages don’t pause loading waiting for twitter to respond.

    i just had to make something exactly like that to load ads. no one mentioned me though 🙁

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