15 thoughts on “YUNG JEEZY

  1. the bloods wear red, just like the democrats, and they conTORT their fingers to spell words, praising their ability to work as an arbitrarily intelligent whole that seemingly wise touts the a-z alphabet as THE way to communicate with your fingers. who is that?! what does that say on his fingers? blood? well look at that, we all use the same alphabet. it’s a small world after all. then the crypz who wear blue, just like the republicans, conTORT their fingers to make a pitchfork. ask raph, that shit is bad ass. the crypz are not willing to take the chance that you know the same alphabet as them. you know pitchfork? you know 3 pointy thing? yeah, BOOM, check it. back off. i got 2 of them. i am ghost riding my whip… who is driving?!#% ain’t no one in it. MUST BE A GHOST! CRYPZ!#%^

  2. Milwaukee Journal had an artiCAL about that tool yesterday. I gave it a big whatthefuckever-whogivesaflyingfuck. His guiding principle is talent over all– if the guy rapes small dogs, but can hit with two outs in the 9th, then you take him. If he is a royal POS and no one can stand him, it makes no matter take him, and that kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

  3. i bet you want to allow crying in baseball too… lose the world series and cry….. TAKE HIM?! KILL HIM!!#%(*& he LOST

  4. ……………………EXTERIOR
    CAL emerges from window sill and leans out bending at his waist and extending his shaking fist
    ………………it’s my money,,,,,,
    ……..* withdraws gun from armpit holster *
    ………………….* gunshots *

  5. well i’ll tell ya… i’ve seen a lot over the years. playing cards. drinking booze. i’ve done it all.

    i play in vegas at the bellagio and the venetian, and downtown anywhere close to the old binions. i play in st.tropez. i play in monte carlo. i play in california. i play in baja california. i play in baja fresh.

    i once bet deep 6 figures for 10 hours straight on chicken or beef bets. i won 80 million dollars.

    life certainly ain’t easy… but ain’t hard. especially when old two fingers ain’t around.

  6. So you set up shop in Baja Fresh and bet 6 figures on chicken or beef? What if they went fish?

  7. Weird lineup for the brewers tonight…

    RF Corey Hart
    SS JJ Hardy
    LF Ryan Braun
    1B Prince Fielder
    3B Russell Branyan
    CF Mike Cameron
    2B Bill Hall
    C Jason Kendall
    P Seth McClung

  8. As fucking usual, the Brewers make the opposing pitcher look like Cy Goddamned Young.

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