Let’s start off-topic and see if we can meander our way back to my original thought: this sounds like the coolest Chuck E. Cheese evar.

So I’ve had a week off for vacation, and what a week it was! Wisconsin got hit by a hojillion tornados, Lake Goddamned Delton was wiped off the map, spacebee and I were in Door County during all of this, and *SURPRISE!* the Brewers still suck balls on the road.

We were camping at Peninsula State Park and had prepared ourselves for a wet outing. In an eruption of sheer genius, Lawman offered his screen tent thing in case we had to sit around in the rain for a few hours(days). We arrived Wednesday evening and got things setup ok, played some beer pong and made dinner. Scads of June Bugs and hundreds of thousands of mosquitos drove us into our tent tent pretty early in the night. Thursday we awoke to the patter-patter of rain on the tent, and I had to run to the toilets in the pouring rain in flip-flops. The running was less about the rain and more about the sounds coming from my bowels. The rain continued more or less until the late afternoon so we didn’t get to do a whole lotta stuff we’d planned like rent bikes or go hiking. Meh.

Stately pictures

Friday was very nice but we spent most of the prime time (daylight) looking at various houses my parents were interested in buying. As many of you know, they’ve had trouble selling their house in Racine and need somewhere to live now that they’ve both moved to Door County. In the end they decided to rent a (very nice!) farmhouse in Egg Harbor until the Racine house sells. Personally, I think it’s a great decision given the uncertainty of the market right now– they wouldn’t want to get stuck with two mortgages for the next two years. I’ve included a few pictures of the place they’re renting below. You can see more pictures at the appropriate Flickr set.

Looking back at the house and garage from the barn

Big barn

On Saturday we packed up and left the campground and stayed with my parents for a few days at the house they’re about to leave in Sturgeon Bay. We drove up the peninsula and took the ferry across to Washington Island, which was pretty kick-ass. The absolute greatest part of the trip to the island was when we had wine and appetizers at the Washington Hotel. If you are ever up on the island, I can’t recommend that place enough. Even better, they have a Coffee Room in Madison (right across Monona Bay!) that serves all the baked goods and coffees that you can get up there. On a bike ride around Lake Monona yesterday spacebee and I stopped there for a muffin and some coffee and it was a great place. Additionally, the owner of the Washington Hotel is a (co-?)owner of Death’s Door Spirits, which has a distillery here in Madison that uses Washington Island wheat to make various booze. They recently started making whisky and while up there I got 3 bottles of the un-aged first batch. It’s pretty good, come over and try it some time.

By the way, all of our camping photos can be found at my Flickr site.

One other weekend shout-out: Hot Tamales in Sturgeon Bay was some of the best Mexican food I’ve had since moving back to Wisconsin. They have great service, terrific food, and some hot hot hot salsa verde. I suggest the wet burrito or the hash brown sandwich (like an omelet, but made with goddamned delicious hash browns).

Last night I had a Brewers nervous breakdown. I yelled swear words at the TV for a minute and then turned it off in disgust. And that was BEFORE they allowed the 3 run triple. Barf.

Lastly, if you haven’t seen this YouTube of a house being washed into Lake Delton in Wisconsin Dells, it is goddamned wild.

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  1. with 1 hour before the nightly $55 ploiter that i’ve lost 2 more times since last complaining, i provide here my take on the law game… or as i’ll be calling it, through the maze… however feel free to ambidexterize that with gauntlet, cause the shit is rough.

    you only job is to get through the maze. (gauntlet). no more tip helps. you can see the whole thing… your entrance, the exit… you just have to get through. how should you do it?

    A: follow a wall… enter the maze and place your hand on a wall and follow it to the end.

    aha, but some lazy asshole realized that it would on average take 35 parsnips of time juice to find the exit, but if he spent 10 studying the maze first, he could on average reach the exit in 10 parsnips more for 20 total parsnips of time juice, leaving him 15 parsnips of time juice to do what he pleased.

    oh, but then the maze creator (allah) got mad and figured out that the speedy wheaty just looked for long straight paths going in the direction he wanted to go (towards the exit)… allah realized that if he made lots of fake straight long paths to the exit, but the only true path was short and in the opposite direction that he could get wheaty meatsticks to spend 20 parsnips studying and 45 parsnips backtracking his way to the exit while right hand dan is still clocking 35 averages.

    HOV is still not pleased. a balance must be found. so now exits will maximize the time a “wall walker” MIGHT spend, without making the solution obvious to studiers like my boy SW. VIOLINS! a balance is found.

    long term there is absolutely no advantage to attempting to adapt or apply the system.

    cal, why don’t you follow your dream and rock a lemon flavored shaved ice cart?

  2. Yeah, wow. It went ahead and salvaged the worst song ever. My favorite part was the little puppet… yes, they were all puppets, but the little one on the hand of that bigger puppet. The singing moon was cool too. F that singing sun though.

  3. I absolutely agree about the puppet. Also, the expressiveness of the singing bear was incredibly lifelike.

    whazzmaster.com: incredibly lifelike singing bears

  4. Another thought: what if that bear was onstage singing Usher and then an outraged poker player stood up and shot it. Maybe the bear in Blood Meridian was shot for singing an R. Kelly tune whilst dancing. Wheels within wheels.

    BTW– wwhazz did sceizzer drop the hotness on you yet? He can’t talk about it online– call him and ask or come over to my place.

  5. I broke my phone many moons ago and only obtain numbers when first called. Madd, like ewhazz, is a phone answerer, not a dialer. Maybe I’ll swing by tonight.

    In other news, just wasted my entire morning playing a 1000 man $10 multi. Took 77th for $20 cash. Pffffffffft! My last two hands were set over set and then I called all in with KQ on a K high board. Awesomely his j10 constructed a runner runner str8. So I went from above average with 82 left to out in 77th. I also managed to run QQ into KK but the KK only had small change left, so I pretty much broke even on the hand.

    On one hand, I think that I would have quit poker soon after starting if I had taken this many beats back then. I think it’s more to do with the size of the game (a 1000 man is a different creature than a 120 man …) than anything, but there is a small chance that pokerstars is rigged or god simply hates my guts.

    A small consolation: I was playing on the lap top, so I carried it around the house with me and did housework while playing. And ate breakfast. And pooped.

  6. My last cal from cal was somewhat garbled. He’s either out of the country and wants me to watch his fantasy team or he’s at Country Kitchen and he’s eating green beans.

  7. Also, I do a new thing when playing online: when I go all in and get a caller and I’m ahead, I flash the “hang loose” symbol at the screen. If I get a caller and I’m behind, I give the middle finger, but switch it to the sign of the devil if I slap a bad beat on the dude. If I get bad beat, the hang loose becomes the middle finger. Some hands require multiple change in gesture.

  8. wow that showbiz usher mix was amazing. my two favorites- the sun my husband hates and the cheerleader. good stuff.

  9. the guy who sits next to me has an aeron chair… he bought it and brought it in. the office just replaced all the rest of our chairs with these: basyx. all the same features.

  10. here is the one specifically that i got: BOOM. CHAIR.

    my only complaint is that the arm rests can swivel on the horizontal plane and don’t lock… but i can see how that’s a feature too. everything else is adjustable and lockable.

  11. Yo madd, how are you not chat banned on stars?

    “u a cheap ho” got me a week on one account and “does everyone in your family have aids or just you and your son” got me a month on the other.

    Anyway, thanks for shit talking that dude for me last night. Good times.

  12. 2 words: context, ambiguity.

    being the new denim warrior, i understand these things.

    just remember, you can prick your finger, but you can’t finger your prick.

  13. “u a cheap ho” becomes “why u such a cheap ho, chump?”

    they know they are insulted, but they aren’t positive why, so there is nothing to complain about, chump.

  14. to be, or to not be. that is a better question SO AS THUSFORTH not be to banned chat.

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