18 thoughts on “The Mifflin Man

  1. rampage jackson vs forrest griffin thoughts? i don’t think forrest has a chance, but it’s the exact same feeling i had about rampage a couple fights ago, so i find this interesting even though it seems like a sure thing. i’m glad it’s in vegas.

  2. i probably would have put the line at jackson -200, but it looks like others have it at -240 or -300.

    sportsbook has it at -260, but only +200 for forrest to win. that shit never makes sense to me. it is a 1 on 1 fight… how can the odds on one side not be the inverse of the other side? greedy bankers.

  3. happy birthday whazzmaster! today whazzmaster is 14 years old! it began in 1981 as a commodore 64and grew up into a real live chat room! today marks another important anniversary, it’s the first day of spring! today is the day when all the creatures of the earth awaken to the sun’s nurturing call. awaken! also, it’s Blooms Day! google that you lousy computer majors. it’s not really blooms day anyway jerks. plus i never read that book anyway so i’m no btter than a lousy computer major. oh, wait, i forgot, computer “science” major. yeah right mr. important science man. hey hey i just got back from sweden where i met this guy:


    it was quite a trip. what else? the muppets singing that usher song was awesome.

    African, very African, come and step in brother’s temple see what’s happenin.


  4. Did you see the fight? I was in the North Woods and missed it. I’m pretty surprised.

    The CC news is beyond great. I usually let out a mini moo when teams reload at the all star break, but now I think it is cool. Also, it is sorta fair that the usual suspects (Yanks, Boston, Cubs) couldn’t do it because they already burned up all their prospects. The bad news, though, is the Yanks will probably get him after the season ends. But fuck it, he’s ours for now. Cubs are D-E-A-D, and I got cash money in vegas for the Crew to win the central, NL and Series.


  5. And to reload our farm, we can trade Prince to a contender during his contract year.

    A player is traded, a Cal cries. Somewhere, in the distance, a scientist farts, and the wheels keep spinning.

  6. I got a job interview on Wednesday morning, but I really want to see CC’s first start w/ my own eyes (and buy a t-shirt Jersey that I will wear for the rest of my life!!!!)

    If it does end up being Tuesday, I’m 80% but if it is Wednesday I’m 100% unless I die.

    Hey cla, what happens with CC’s all star bid? Does he still play for the AL or does he wear his Brewer Blues?

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