Tim, C.C., and Me

Spacebee, her sister, assorted friends, and I all went to Summerfest on Thursday.  I got her Tim McGraw tickets for her birthday back in February and she was ready to cash in.  All in al it was a good Summerfest trip– we stayed at the Hilton in downtown in Milwaukee and I got mistaken for Jason Aldean when we pulled up in front.  The concert itself was pretty fun (really drunk) and then we walked back to the Hilton from the Summerfest grounds afterwards.

Saturday morning we played disc golf out at Elver Park.  I’d like to do it again, so anytime anyone wants to toss some discs hit me up.  I also played golf on Tuesday at University Ridge with Scubby and down in Racine yesterday with my brother and JOEY~!  Yo wwhazz, my bro said he was going to have a poker tourney at his new house for his birthday this year– reserve August 23rd or 24th.

Finally: C.C. Sabathia.  I’m of mixed thoughts about it.  On one hand I hate to see them deal LaPorta; I would have rather them dealt Prince now and brought LaPorta up.  But I see why they did what they did– in a push for the division they’d rather have a known arm AND a known bat rather than take a chance on bringing up LaPorta in the heat of a pennant race.  However- I’m seriously concerned about next year at this point.  Sheets will be gone, CC will be gone, our top prospect is gone, Cameron is gone.  At a cookout the other day when someone broached the idea of dealing Prince I was shocked at first, but the idea makes a lot of sense.  He hasn’t really shown consistency, and his leadership seems (from afar) more like bullying.  If someone else wants a guy who hits 50 homers one season and 25 the next, and wants to deal us an arm for him I say go for it.  More and more in retrospect I like the Braun deal.

So, overall I’m concerned that they’ve mortgaged the future to make one final push in the division.  I suppose that’s pretty much the only way a small-town team can do it these days.  But if the Cubs keep surging and the Brewers fizzle out– *shrug* there may not be much to look forward to next season.  I’ll stay optimistic for now, though.  This is the first time the Brewers have won a mid-season pickup sweepstakes in… well, ever?

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