22 thoughts on “Seattle Special

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  3. I considered naming my fantasy team Puckett’s Corpse or Zombie Kirby Puckett. But I didn’t. If I had a time machine, I’d put on a disguise, (jean jacket, curly wig, fake moustache) and go back to 91 when the Twins last won the World Series. I’d find cal, age 15, and wait for the Twins to come up in a conversation with Greg. And then I’d sucker punch cal and warp back to now.

    How would this change cal?

    Would he be in Law School? Support the Twins? Carry a gun? Would he, alone in his house, wear a fake moustach and drink rum-Slushy drinks through a straw?

    Would he recognize me when we finally met or, like in 12 Monkeys, he’d have the memory, but the disguise worked.

  4. Cal, Greg and Kirby in a car.

    It wrecks and catches fire.

    Greg and Kirby (not wearing seat belts) are unconscious and cal has time to save only one. Who?

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