14 thoughts on “Thanks You Bay Area, You’ve Been A Great Audience!

  1. ah yes, that saxaphone woman

    I was really hoping they would get our pal john in there… and what about cosmo, or the “excuse me” change wanting lady, or scanner dan or tunnel bob… whazzmaster filled me in on much of the crazies whereabouts but i would like to see them for myself… i’m dying to get back to madison for a weekend!!! alas no cheap flights seem to exist… if i can get a lst minute i’m gonna be calling though… school starts the 18th and then i’m sunk

  2. that change lady was the WORST! next time i see her i’m asking her for money. or i’ll just give her money before she asks

  3. That lady is named “Diaper Head” and she is still going strong– over a decade of begging excellence.

  4. all flights are EXPENSIVE. but i’ll continue to look for last minuters so keep your couches empty KEEP YOUR COUCHES EMPTY!

  5. cosmo died a few months ago. i talked to scanner dan waiting for the bus today. he told me lindsay lohan is going to make a movie here, but he predicts the city will not put up with her antics. I’ve been seeing dan in the market basket a lot lately.

  6. i really don’t like that guy introducing the summer report. the chick was special in her own right, and there was something mysterious about what was about to happen. the dude was like, you know that bear… awesome right… well, now i’m awesome. i get to talk about the bear… here it is… i’m so awesome. but he was worthless. probably gets none like a nun

  7. a law student living in the most expensive city in the galaxy pretending to be unable to afford a coach plane ticket is ticklishly clever. i bet you’re sipping a blended malt scotch right now and eating a golden sandwich. bread, meat, cheese…. all made out of gold.

  8. I picked a bad day to fly that shitty airline US Airways. As of this morning you get nothing for free on a plane anymore. Water, juice, soda: $2. Coffee: $1. Booze: $7. Fuck you US Airways. I hate the commerical airlines and will be glad (if immobile) when they are dead and buried, or nationalized.

  9. yeah trip not looking so likely right now… dammit i want to go! oneil thanks for the head’s up. did cosmo really die? that is terrible. is there an obit about it or something? o’neil when i come it’s going to be me and you hanging out in your apt. like old times when you would let me into your home so i wouldn’t have to stagger all the way to the 1300 block of E. Johnson.

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