I can’t believe I can update Whazzmaster from my iPhone with the new WordPress app. Crazy times we live in; crazy times.

65 thoughts on “Techno-roundup

  1. I’m serving month long ban. I told a player from spain that:

    ive been to spain took a dump there
    tp was rough
    used janes mouth

    jane was a player at our table who was crying because she limped with aces and I took her for a fat buyin of $10 with 64os in the small blind.

    Moslty my online play is horrible but I hope to make a comeback. Live has been good but I rarely get to play. Mostly I get in high stakes games of cornhole, heads-up and craps games. I’m starting to establish games of air hockey where I give points.

  2. My headline for the Favre situation is “Fourth and Long, Pack Punts Favre to the Jets.”

    My headline for the CC/LaPorta trade is “LaPorta Shown the Door.”

    I make headlines when I’m walking the dog.

  3. Hello Michael,

    Thank you for your email it was the word dildo, wouldn’t matter what

    Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Good luck at the tables
    and thank you for you for choosing Pokerstars.

    My Best,
    PokerStars Chat Supervisor

  4. 1. I don’t know

    2. Love the email

    3. timmer is serving a year ban. He wouldn’t tell me what he said. I miss the wild west of pokerroom.

  5. ambiguity. and actually, it’s much more effective at making a would be thief crumble at the core. don’t direct your insults at them… direct them to the cloud… then allow the opponent to view as other RPC-Clients make associations between the player and the cloud. the final straw is the player denouncing the cloud and thereby affirming the link. then, it get’s fun. and all the while total deniability. my current favorites are “woman” and “jew”… if you are one, and you take offense to me calling you one or associating you with the “group”… then who is really insulting you? i am HOV.

  6. it’s like if a fine lady threw 4 straight pitches in the high 80s mph…. mixing it up with the straight ones and the curving ones, but they were all just a little off the plate, and as i walked to first i said, “you throw like a girl”…

    why isn’t that a compliment?

  7. and what the fuck does “thank you for you for choosing Pokerstars.”

    thank me for me? who else would you be thanking me for? you saying specifically you are not thanking me for your own sake? i didn’t ask to be thanked. if you want to thank me, do it for yourself, and i’ll say you’re welcome for you. or maybe i’ll just rape your eye socket with a black dildo. bitch.

  8. {“jsonrpc”:”2.0″,”result”:{“sex”:”female”,”eye socket filled with”:”black dildo”},”error”:null,”id”:”PScloud”}

    just eval that shit.

  9. i said lots of things to lots of people. i got homies doing YEARS and i only get 24 hours. it’s a TRAVESTY.

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