Nom Nom Nom

This post won’t so much be about substance as me catching up with all the shit I’ve done lately.

First things first: I signed up for that Facebook shit. You on there? Hit me up.

Next things next: I’m coming to Seattle on Thursday, August 28th until Sunday, August 31st.  I don’t have a place to stay on Thursday night– can I crash with you, maddddddddddddddddd? We could go out and play Golden Tee and errythang.

Last things last: Wwhazz, are we having any sort of poker/dice/bags game tonight?  Will it just be me and you watching the PPV?  Sceizzer, get over here to watch Brock LesNAR do a 360° spinning piledriver.  Anyone else that wants to come over for booze, UFC, and gambling… you know where I’m at.

Check this out: Bernie Mac died today. Sad.

14 thoughts on “Nom Nom Nom

  1. yipes, you are welcome in my house… but i’m going to crash with rach-o.

    i came on to post about bernie mac. mother fucker was juicy fruity.

  2. Our UFC party is now a date. Everyone is off on vacation or tending to small children. Now it’s me and whazzmaster sitting in an apartment. K-I-S-S-I-N-G and cal is jealous!

    All is well though. This PPV looks great and whazzmaster made some Mississippi Chicken. He also has a family-size jug of tequila.

  3. MMA humor. perfect to get things swinging over there. i’ll be watching at TOUCHDOWNS! sports bar. we too have a handle of the sauce. local cost: $38. what the feezy?

  4. too drunk to remember anything from PPV. 44.95 wasted. i think i remember brock winning but i don’t know how.

  5. The fight was foggy in my mind too, but I do remember Lesnar pantomimed casting a fishing pole and reeling when he won. No chairs though. Cal is a jerk.

  6. officially: i think it was the juice that did bernie in. also, d.l. hughley is a racist. the rest of the living kangs can chill with me though…. like, i’ll travel.

  7. actually d.l. hughley might be cool in person… but he is the kang greenhorn and they make him go out and calm the angry people before they inspire the positive people. in real life they are probably switched and cedric the entertainer is all hate.hate.hate.

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