I was entered in the following raffles at Elburn Days this weekend:

  • Three entries into the $20,000 or 2008 Chevy Malibu LTZ
  • Two entries into the $3,000 vacation package (or cash) Firemen’s Raffle
  • Upwards of a dozen entries into the Elburn Basketball 30″ JVC Flat Screen raffle

As of press time I have not heard that I won any of them.  A man can dream.

Tim and I played bingo for about an hour today and I BINGO’d one time, butso did another guy and I only won $25.  One lady won after 4 numbers were drawn (horizontal across the middle).

We ran the Elburn Days 5K on Saturday morning (after staying in the beer tent late on Friday night).  I limped in with an embarassing 33:30, which I suppose isn’t bad considering that my ‘training’ was to run 1.5 miles on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of last week.  Say lah vee.

No segue: if you have an XBox 360 I highly reccommend the games Braid and Geometry Wars 2.  Also: Too Human comes out this week.  I got the demo last week and that game is damn awesome; I’m definitely picking it up.

No segue again: Wednesday is the semi’s and finals for our summer volleyball league.  We’re seeded second and our first game starts at 7pm (champeenship at 9pm).  We played kinda like garbage last week, so it’ll be interesting to see if we can finish off what was a pretty good season.

88 thoughts on “Raffle-Man

  1. omfg we went to bed at 4aam the championship game sucked we lost but then got snockered. SEAGRAMS STOP MAKING YOUR SO-CALLDE ‘SEVEN’ STICKTOWINECOOLERS! oh my god i have meetings today and then my mom is coming for lunch at 12:L30 oh shit fuck. fdfqkjjjqjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. never set an alarm for work- irresponsible child behavior- i thought i was hanging out with old men

    i didn’t try to wear shorts and tank top to jury duty. i wanted to wear jeans and respectable dress casual shirt. i was one of a few dressed up.

  3. do not forget the lessons brought forth by the broken lizards… there is a difference between “cheeky and fun” and “cruel and tragic”

  4. watch shannon rowbury tonight run in the women’s 1500 meter final! and men’s marathon is on tonight too…

  5. can anyone find actual video of that Cuban taekwondo guy kicking the ref in the face? youtube has already removed all of them.

  6. peterstifly- wwhazz showed me it on the bloody elbow website. It looks like it is still there on the main page under clip of the day. It’s pretty cool.

  7. “World Taekwondo Federation promptly announced that both Matos and coach Gonzalez had received life bans from international taekwondo competition, and that all of Matos’ participation at Beijing would be stricken from the records.”

    that shit ain’t sorbanes oxley compliant.

  8. 1) i can kick like that.
    2) some dude next to me just tapped on his pop can before he opened it. i just hate that. yes i said pop.
    3) <a href=”http://www.kstp.com/article/stories/s485411.shtml?What is grosser? chocolate covered bacon or pickle pops (frozen pickle juice) oh minnesota state fair…

  9. cal’s gold… gold report
    report gold cal report
    run quit chick report
    chick choke chick report
    greg’s dick report

  10. it stormed up a dick yesterday, but sunny and nice every day before then. supposed to be mid 70s and sunny the rest of the week.

  11. This craps strategy has been kept within the inner circle of casino bangers for years – under a mutual gentlemen’s agreement. We tried the Insiders Craps System on randomized computer print-outs and couldn’t come close to losing through 8000 decisions! (Think how long you would have to stand at the tables for 8000 decisions.) We tried it at several casinos in Atlantic City, Vegas, Reno and Tahoe. The damned thing just would not lose!
    With this system:
    You won’t care if the tables are hot or cold… you still win with this super craps strategy! A new shooter can throw 3 or 4 or more craps in a row and you win! A new shooter can throw 3 or 4 or more sevens in a row and you still win! A new shooter rolls a point, and sevens out on the next roll. Shooter after shooter can do this, and you still win! A shooter can throw 14 passes, or more or less, in a row, and you still win! A bunch of players in a row, can seven out after any amount of numbers, and you still win!

  12. Madd, you might like this:

    Verlyn and Judy Adamson, the Mount Horeb couple who hit the lottery last weekend to the tune of $955,000 after taxes, have said a mathematical system helped them pick the winners, even though experts scoff at the idea.
    Contacted early in the week by the State Journal, when it was thought the Adamsons had two winning tickets (they had a total of four — all using the same numbers), Judy Adamson indicated her husband had developed a system for picking the winners.

    “He has one of those analytical, numbers minds,” Judy said. “It was a long, planned-out thing, to just keep doing it over and over. It was a thought-out process.”

    Later in the week, after it was revealed they had purchased four tickets and the couple were no longer speaking to the media, Monroe attorney Scott Thompson issued a brief press release on their behalf.

    Thompson noted that the winning numbers were 1, 5, 8, 13, 24 and 26.

    The release continued: “The mathematical equation used is a trade secret. At this time, we are exploring patent protection. Therefore, any public disclosure at this time is not in my clients’ best interest.”

  13. Oooooooooooooooooh politics. What will Bill Clinton say about Obama? Like it wasn’t going to be anything but a verbal handjob.

  14. shit fucking pisses me off. NPR asking callers “what do you want the politicians to say?” what a load fucking ignorant question. i want the politicians to ONLY say 2 things:
    1) the truth.
    2) what they want to say.
    fuck you NPR. if you want to ask your callers what they want to hear and then circle jerk each other off in a rectangle, don’t do it on airwaves that go through my body. i want you to not say things that go through my body NPR. fucking communists.

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