Well, it finally happened, though it remains to be seen if the season can yet be salvaged.  The Brewers are 3-11 so far this month, and the Cubs are still fucking throwing no-hitters and I’m about to punch a hole in the wall.  Just kidding– after last year I’m trying to remain cool and calm in the face of an epic collapse.  As much as last year sucked, and as much as it would (originally typed ‘will’ right there) suck to not make the playoffs this year I council Milwaukee Brewer Fans to hold out hope.

Because NEXT year is gonna fucking suck donkey nuts when we lose CC and Sheets, and Rickie Weeks will STILL strike out all the time, and we’ll STILL be saddled with a very expensive Bill ‘I-hit-30-homers-one-time,-remember?’ Hall.  It’s gonna be terrific– I can’t wait.

Now, perhaps the Brewers can still make something out of this year.  Anything goes once you make the playoffs, and the Brewers have the pure talent to make a run once they get into the postseason.  The big BUT, however, is that they gotta get there first.  After holding their dicks while the rest of the league caught them in the wild card race, now it will (AGAIN!) come down to the final series.  Six of the last 12 games are against the Cubs– blech.  I sure hope that someone, somewhere, is destroying the Brewers locker room right now in a rage to try to convince them THAT THIS REALLY MATTERS.   Alas, I doubt it.

So, how ’bout them Packers?

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  1. get this… doyles room IT staff accidentally sent out emails saying every bonus that had ever existed, cleared or not, that it had just cleared and the money was in your account. so i got one… “$550 has been credited to your account. thanks for playing” WEEEEEEEEE, i re-download the software, email my old password, log in…. no money. those mother fuckers. so i email support basically: I AM VERY VERY VERY MAD, I CAN’T CONTROL MYSELF AND I FEEL LIKE I SHOULD HURT YOU. not those words, much worse ones, and many more, but that about sums it up. they gave me $220 and begged forgiveness: “just don’t threaten to end me again!”. being a dick always pays off. next on my collections list is that deadbeat tiger shepard in senegal. he KNOWS he owes me $20, but the fucker is dodging me. fuck all that. tiger shepard bashing time.

  2. Nice work and nice playing with you the other night.

    Me and timmer ran my $22 down to $2 and then up to $47 and then back down to $27. Very exciting times.

  3. boner pills are being reformulated into boner drinks. so hard to keep up. hahaha. more like keep IT up. dicks.

  4. Brewer game today: Whooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooo. I’m drinking and posting live updates from the 4th Base in Milwaukee. Updates to follow.

  5. They have a big tailgate in the parking lot and this cool cage with girls in it– some of them have started to fight!

  6. Yo Madd,

    Do you want to visit November 15th? I’m trying to set up cards and the UFC PPV (Brock/Randy).

  7. want to know a secret? a girl who voluntarily enters a caged environment will show you her boobs on request. do you have a camera phone?

  8. Yes, but the above was all lies (except the part about the twins blowing it). I’m in my office eating subway and watchign baseball in a tiny yahoo window. I can still take a picture if you are still interested.

  9. Get over it cal. You lived in WI longer than cold ass MN anyway, so switch on over. Forget about the Twins. Puckett is dead and he never liked you.

  10. I was wrong and the rest of the universe was right.
    Weeks needs to ride pine the rest of the series–this from the guy who bet $50 that he’d be an all-star and started him in two fantasy baseball leagues.

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