Brewers Postseason

Weird, didn’t think I’d ever write that in my lifetime.

At any rate, the Brewers opened the NLDS in Philly today and, 9th inning quasi-rally notwithstanding, were dealt with rather handily by Cole “Goddamned” Hamels.  As usual Corey Hart struck out, which leads me to wonder what you call a slump when it last 2+ months– let’s call it a Hart.

The Devil Cubs are about to open their own series against the Dodgers in Wrigley Dump.  Let’s all watch and see what happens…

70 thoughts on “Brewers Postseason

  1. I was actually going to excerpt that ‘dude plays go cubs go and gets fired’ story here on whazzmaster but decided not to. But it boils down to: I hope Attanasio gave him a great big crotch chop and then stunnered him. Fuck you, musician, if you want a job go play for your fucking shit down at the cubby bear and stay the fuck outta my city. GRAND SALAMI!

  2. The most offensive part is that he’s a fan of the Brewers and Cubs. Sorry asshole, you have to pick one. That’s how sports works.

  3. He is probably ‘for’ any team that pays him to play cover songs at their bar. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s also a Packers, Bears, Vikings, Bulls, Blackhawks, Bucks, Badgers, Eagles, Twins, and Hawkeyes fan. Asshole.

  4. I don’t give a flying fish what this “musician” does in his free time. If, in his personal life, he likes dong and bush, hey, that’s is fine. But when he is paid cash money by the Brewers to play in Miller Park, then he better be there to support the Brewers. He is Bernie Brewer.

  5. low percentage chance love. to most impressive kind. me posting 2nd means i don’t love you as much. but without me there is no one to love. love is a battlefield.

  6. fucking 2 free fights tonight. and me with a single tuner tivo. the fucking universe always conspiring against me. 20k on shamrock. 50k on rampage jackson. i booked with pinnacle.

  7. you ever see the 2005 US Poker Championship? they have a segment by this guy whose office had a 14 man $200 buy in tourney where half the buyin every week went to an escrow and the other half to the winner. end of 14 weeks they have enough for someone to pay the $10k+juice entrance fee. after the segment norman chad says he would have no trouble beating that home game full of “low brow shysters.” lon didn’t know what to say other than, “that wasn’t me”.

  8. check this: etrade bank (FDIC insured) refunds all ATM fees to you. and if you haven’t noticed, most ATMs are juicing $2.50-$3. so why not partner up with a bank and promise to send them 100 withdrawls a month (3 a day for $20 each) and the bank will net $300, and you try and get $100 out of that. too much work? anyways… good to know your federal tax dollars are backing the marketing geniuses who came up with this foolproof idea. i’m tempted to withdraw way more often in smaller chunks just to support the banks that set up the most convenient ATMs around my hoodz. shit, you could actually just have $500 min balance… withdraw $20, $3 fee. deposit same $20 back in. $3 fee. do that 3 times a day and etrade has to eat over $500/mo. an organized effort could bankrupt them quite easily.

  9. etrade is in a unique position to not fall apart. the other banks fell apart because they were corporate investors in business with corporate investors of corporate investors. pretty much a giant circle jerk. etrade is a front for individual investors… so as long as etrade can match up buys and sells between it’s individual investors and it’s own position on the stocks, it can make a ton of money on volume. they are a giant corporate investor minus the bureaucracy. they are the future. cal’s future still in question. big j’s future has me kissing her ass so she doesn’t make the call to have me deported to africa.

  10. look at the recent SEC filings with GE… total bs. everyone knew the stock was going to tank, but the SEC basically says, NO MORE BETTING ON GE TANKING. free market + restrictions != free market. but now look at etrade…. if they want to short GE, now when one of their investors makes a buy on GE (what fools), they don’t actually send the buy to market… they are just like, sure buddy, 50 shares, you got it… here you go, see, your account says you have 50 shares. they have their own 50 shares to back that, but no new shares were purchased. now when the guy sells, if it’s lower than when they tried to buy like etrade bet it would be, now they buy just like a short sale would have worked and they eat the profit and the individual investor eats the loss. etrade can’t lose. and on top of all that they charge transaction fees. they make money either way, and charge a rate on top of it. they can’t go under. instead eventually every individual investor goes under. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  11. So I should invest in a gun? Or bow and arrow?

    Sling shot? Karate lessons? Work on my running, cal-style?

  12. why must you invest in anything? my obvious advice would be to convince others to invest in you… preferably through a medium where you can tie into a kickback mechanism so you profit regardless. i’m not jewish enough to explain it in any more detail. don’t drive your car on saturdays. or go bowling with roseanne’s husband.

  13. jay from my wedding’s investment plan has turned 52k into 30k in the last few weeks. he put most in the worlds largest gold mine failing to realize the effect all that new gold has on the gold market. also failing to realize that nobody rocks gold anymore. now it’s all about nickle. bling bling nickle. fo shickle my nickle. dude is broke.

  14. and somehow through that the market cap went from 14 billion to almost 17 billion. don’t worry individual investor… you are not being scammed. HOW COULD YOU BBBBBBBBQ?

  15. we are going long on famous daves, but shorting pork futures. hedge. our performance fee is competitive. cal has a masters in law. you can trust us.

  16. maybe you aren’t aware… every major financial institution is headed by a self proclaimed member of the “Jewish” community. i didn’t make up the word “jewish” or “jew”, and stating my own shortcomings in the field of finance (albeit a lie more motivated by my laziness and indifference towards your personal understanding of anything) by giving a shout to the team that all the major players in the field represent seems completely appropriate. am i missing something?

  17. can i talk about the marines? can i talk about the pope? can i talk about karate monks? can i talk about the other organizations throughout history that have tried to stop freedom of expression? hate the game if you must.

  18. you’re a creep, now, where’s the you turning 30 post? also, i sent in a request that the madd scientist be limited to 20 characters per post. please see to it.

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