Brewers Postseason

Weird, didn’t think I’d ever write that in my lifetime.

At any rate, the Brewers opened the NLDS in Philly today and, 9th inning quasi-rally notwithstanding, were dealt with rather handily by Cole “Goddamned” Hamels.  As usual Corey Hart struck out, which leads me to wonder what you call a slump when it last 2+ months– let’s call it a Hart.

The Devil Cubs are about to open their own series against the Dodgers in Wrigley Dump.  Let’s all watch and see what happens…

70 thoughts on “Brewers Postseason

  1. i mean it… FOREVER. goodbye! you will never see me here again. i’m going… goodbye whazzmaster! goodbye fat scientist! goodbye green and grey layout! i’m leaving!

  2. really tempted to put 10k on goog at the bell. see almost no downside. think rach-o would mind?

  3. does anyone believe that shamrock got accidentally headbutted while training and that alone cut him so bad that the florida boxing commission said he couldn’t fight?

    should kimbo have taken the new fight?

    will pinnacle ever send me my $2500 back? every financial institution should put everything they have in GOOG at the bell and sell it all off at noon. economy = fixed.

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    this shit should be criminal.

  5. “The three men believe the anonymous trickster was a kind of “mystic”, as they didn’t feel in control of their actions when following his strange instructions. ”

    Freakin cal…

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