What’s been going on lately? Well, Cal’s girlfriend won the SF marathon, and wwhazz’s wife navigated a dangerous intersection.  I’ve been playing WoW again lately (though not too much!) and my friend Jay got me Dead Space for the XBox 360.  The last ‘survival horror’ game I played was the original Resident Evil game for the original Playstation.  I’ll tells ya– s’ a lot spookier in 1080p with surround sound.  Space horror is more frieghtening to me than regular horror and I’m not sure why.  Anyways, I got stuck on the tutorial level when my idiot game-man couldn’t open a door.  I got past that now.

Soooo, the Badgers suck at football now? When exactly did that happen?  The Packers seem to have righted their ship for the moment, but I still can’t win a 3-teamer to save my got-damned life so there’s that.

This weekend we’ll be heading up to Door County to celebrate mama’s birthday, and then next weekend is the Big Throwdown for Halloween.  I don’t think anyone planned a party, or if they did I was left off the invite list, so the Main Depot it is.  Luchas all around.

I’ve been quite busy trying to launch my new web site–  Basically it’s a site to track card collections.  I’ve been playing the WoW trading card game for awhile now, and made it to track my own collection.  I’m trying to see if it would actually generate any ad revenue.   I’ll soon be moving it to a new server, so that link may or may not work if you click it.  In fact, better just not to click– I was only trying to beg off not updating in a week.

Finally, I found out today that I’ll be out in the Bay Area November 9th-14th, so if you are hungering for some moneypenny, uh, I guess you’re in luck.

111 thoughts on “Boop-a-doop

  1. Bad beats (and unsecured loans to beet farmers) are destroying our economy.

    Madd, what are you doing for work?

  2. Good point, cal. Well argued. Next time I see you I’ll buy you a dirty unregulated wiener.

    Ps it might be greg’s

  3. i have a rule for you, don’t set your pet pirhanna free into lake Minona. oops, hey madd, here’s a rule, don’t incite racism in chatrooms, oops… big j where are you? we’ve got rule breakers here!

  4. Lake Minona, is that one of your famous 10K, butthole? The “lake” I used was the cooling pool for a power plant–a real fragile eco-system, I know. The crane? Way illegal and our judges enforce the rules, so suck a hotdog.
    And why are you calling on Big J? You called her a sellout and insulted her way of life. Is she going to help you? Just wait until madd wakes up. He is going to get you.
    But hey, at least you’ve advanced to ad hominem arguments, so this is a step in the right direction.

  5. Cheap cut-and-paste jobs and cheap insults: You are better than than this ad homo-enim logic suggests.

  6. Pal, raj and ojo shoot a round of whazz. They offer the fourth spot to any whazzer who wants it, but no one takes them up on the offer. Ojo wins with a -17.

    Later cal plays with himself and shoots -20.

    Cal is clearly the winner. Duhhhhhh, it’s lowest score. Never mind the pressure of competition or an agreed upon challenge.

    Later, cal plays with himself again, but before he blows a street urchin with kids and no money secretly plugs cal’s pee hole with a tiny hotdog and it’s the Beverly Hills Cop banana gag all over again.

  7. Cal-i-ca, hahaha, we love you, how many people are proud to be citizens of this beautiful
    website of ours, the stripes and the stars for the rights that men have died for to protect,
    The women and men who have broke their neck’s for the freedom of speech the Law School
    has sworn to uphold, or so we’re told…

  8. nude post!

    i’m rubbing my sandwich all over my junk…. it’s pastrami and turkey with seasoned red onions and mayo. now i’m eating it. holy shit, SO GOOD. now back to rubbing it on my dick. eating some more. HOLY SHIT. this is a great sandwich.

    what are you going to do? get off your high cal horse and lock me up? doubt it. bolivians are smarter than moroccans. asians have straight black hair.


  9. hello, you’ve reached my answering service, please leave a message after the beep… beep

    “madd is fat.”

  10. what did the fat guy text to the marathon runner during a food shortage in the winter?

    “haha, ur ded”

  11. i would like a truce! please go back to making fun of other people. i think i heard that story on npr this morning. i wonder where david beach is today.

  12. Fine. Truce granted, but know that “the only difference between cal and greg is lipstick” was loaded and ready.

  13. f)#&%)*(!#&^)!(&#^

    fucking rigged bs jokerstars.

    J774 board

    i have A3J7… chip leader with 100 left from 400+. 54 pay. i bet pot and the guy in 2nd raises pot. i re-raise all in. 35k pot…

    he has A288… just a low draw and well…. an 8 would never come… that would make the site RIGGED BS.

    fucking 8 on the river and i’m out. FUCKING JOKE. so pissed. so he has 35k and guy in 2nd has 11k.

    that should be MEEEEE)!&#%^)(!#&%^)(!#&^)*(&#@%(*&@#^

    fuck cal.

  14. i bet 1100, he raised to like 4k and sitll had 6k left. when i repop him all in… HOW THE FUCK IS HE CALLING WITH 1 CARD TO COME?!#%)(&!#% SO FUCKING RIGGED. i’m off to light fires.

  15. If all the bad shit that happens on stars would have happened back when I first started poker, I would have quit. I miss pokeroom and party so much.

  16. $10 rebuy ploiter… 1st is $1200… i’m in 10th with 35 left, 27 pay. i get 30th on a 2 out river. fucker caught a 5 to scoop. BS.

    now i’m in the 55 ploiter… in 2nd at the break of 49. got 2:1 lead on 4th. 12 pay, 1st is 991. guaranteed i get 14th. so fucking rigged.

    WHERE IS THE JUSTICE?#%()&!#)%(&!#@

  17. brock puches like a girl. randy is 80 years old. they are just going to squeeze each other until they are both tired, then weak leg kicks for a half a round. then randy wins via rear naked choke.

  18. %!)(&!)#(%&!)#%(&

    458 flop

    i have A238… i’m already chipleader with 18k…guy with 8k puts me in… SOUNDS GOOD CHUMP.

    he has A5d.

    shit comes runner runner 2d, 3d and he quarters me.

    SO FUCKING RIGGED. )@#^&@#)^(&@#^

    i want to bomb the isle of man. if the US had any nuts at all, they would bomb the isle of man.

    fucking women in politics. ITS A JOKE. PUSSY DONT RUN THIS. DICKS RUN THIS.

  19. HEY, LOOK WHO GOT 27TH!!#%(*&!#%

    the asshole who went all in with AA2J double suited and got called by A3KJ and the board came 789TQ.

    i could easily kill people right now. gun to head, BANG. gun to new head, BANG. gun to new head, BANG.

    FUCK THIS RIGGED BS@#)(*^&()&@)#(^


  20. Ok, cal, help me out here. Who should I bet on?

    Barack Obama: -700

    John McCain: +400

    These numbers mean that I need to bet $700 on Obama to win $100. But if I bet $100 on McCain, I would win $400.

    Should I put up seven bills? Are you sure Obama is going to win?

    Side note: If I bet on the election, I am ineligible to vote at the general election (lawman, 2008).

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