Election Day Jam-Bo-Ree 2008

Spacebee and I got to the polls at 7:45a and found extremely long lines.  They did some rejiggering though, and we only ended up waiting an hour.  Yesterday I hung door hangers down on Langdon to tell those frat dudes where they could vote.  Today I knocked on doors around Mifflin to tell people (a) today is voting day and (b) go up the street to vote.  Three quarters of the people I talked to on my route had already voted: nice. I took some video with my weird little video camera and I’ll be testing my iMovie Skillz later on. Look for an update with an exciting video of me walking down the street.

I know a lot of you jerks don’t like government, voting, passion about anything non-wrestling-or-poker, or just anything in general but fuck you anyways.  I don’t want to live in a world run by lunatic Republicans anymore.  Here’s an interesting map you can use to see the results:

I’ll be at a results party tonight drinking scotch. If Obama wins I’ll be happy that that dumb motherfucker and his kind aren’t running this place anymore. And if McCain wins I’ll probably break the bottle and slit my wrists. Happy Election Day!

23 thoughts on “Election Day Jam-Bo-Ree 2008

  1. Does a single person on Mifflin St. need to be told that today is voting day?
    Mailings, phone calls, the TV, the internet, celebrities, and their own sense of social justice, have all told them to go vote. Either they are voting or they are not. If they are (or already did) then you are just bugging them. If they are not, is your knock going to be the thing that convinces them to go up the street and vote?
    I understand that this is important to you, but I have trouble believing that you are really doing anything with these actions.

  2. and outside of the muckraking i disagree with that irksome dude. the way this stuff works is by repetition. repetition repetition repetition. go vote go vote go vote go vote go vote then finally it gets through to people and they go do it. anything you can do to get people out you gotta do it! good job!

  3. Yo– as a matter of fact, the Basset neighborhood (Ward 44), which includes my apartment, has the highest turnout in the city. But it never hurts to just walk around and talk to people. Moreover, politics should be more about community than what we currently regard it as– it should be about people in local neighborhoods making decisions that stretch from the schoolboard all the way to the presidency. To get out in the neighborhood and actually meet you neighbors is a good thing.

  4. Italy

    In Italy, Romans on the street this morning were openly excited by the results.

    Drinking their coffees and cappuccinos, some called the election results “real democracy.” Many had watched Obama’s victory speech this morning before they left home; it aired live before 5 a.m. Italian time.

    Though most didn’t seem sure about how Obama as president would or could change things for them, they were especially relieved that this marked the end of the Bush era.

    “Of course, it affects me,” said Filippo at his newsstand this morning, as he happily handed out papers with Obama on all the front pages. “This is change. Not like that Bush. … Oh mamma mia.”

  5. hey Missouri i thought you were a “bellwether” —not so much! FACE!

    Bob Bardaji,
    “I doubt my getting fired from the Dairy Queen is a bellwether of recession, but it sure is a bellwether of I stuck my wang in the butterscotch.”

  6. cal, do you have any say in how your trust fund is invested?

    what do you think about YUM! Brands? i broke through support pretty harsh, but come on…. too low? are you a bull or a bear? isn’t a bear a hairy gay dude? isn’t a bull a hairy gay dyke? cal?

  7. god damn it. i’m not house. i am madddddddddd. i left the house. i won $250 chinaman dollars. biggest pot, TT, call a 3 bet cold in the big blind after 2 other people cold called behind. ended up 6 ways capped. chinamen. flop T26 all diamonds. LSS (Long Stowy Showt) (chinaman) capped 5 ways. PLEASE DUECE. BOOM, DUECE. i check, bet, call raise, call, i 3 bet, WOW. biggest pot ever. i do 5 specific magic tricks that all coagulate with previous actions i had done and convince everyone i flopped a flush. river D. PERFECT. i say “so sick”. not happy, not sad. just a statement from a man who flopped a flush and a D hit the river. what? the board is paired? who noticed that. I FLOPPED A FLUSH! i get it 3 bet on the river 3 handed and another bet or 2 got caught between the raises and ended up folding. took me a while to stack it. next hand i had AA and lost a bit pot to K7 when the flop was 772… but only 4 big bets, so the minimum basically. then i went and bought some cigarettes to light them on fire. i had a jug of cap’n in the car too and drank it. then more chinaman dollars. THANK YOU OBAMA

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