Milwaukee’s Best

Spacebee and I kicked it in Milwaukee last night with good friends Arlo and Jen.  To my delight, I found out that Arlo now has a blog on the interwebs at Arlo’s Bloggity Bloggy Blog-Blog.  To my dismay, I found out that madd has been moonlighting over there in comment section without my knowledge.  I don’t care what other websites he visits, you see, but I damn well want to be able to watch the fun when other comment threads crumble under his expert punditry.  Anyways, we had dinner a terrific Mexican joint across from the airport and then drank crazy beers at a post-modern beer bar.  We finished the night with Rock Band action and this morning Arlo served us tea and pumpkin pie.  I love that guy.

I’ve been crumpled in a chair in O’Hare for last 3 hours waiting for my connection to San Jose.  Barf-a-roo: these are flight times we can believe in, my friends.  Eventually I will saddle up to the front desk at the Crown Plaza and get myself a hunkerin bunker for the next week, but I hate travel so much that… uh, I guess I just hate traveling.  Whatever.

I never followed up that election thread with any sort of results.  FYI: Barack Obama won.  I made merry at the Lawman’s party and am currently cutting together a short documentary of my footage from that fateful day.  Mostly I remember walking through upper middle class near-west side Madison yelling at my phone.  Ultimately I made it to the Blue Moon to hook up with a newly-off-work Spacebee.  I made merry there for awhile as well and then went home and busted upon my pillow a maneuver that I like to call: The Crash.

I’m working on my yearly goals document right now at work and under my ‘Goals/Priorities to Achieve True North’ I have: Be the motherfuckin’ Six Million Dollar Man of making teams STRONGER and FASTER.  It will likely get excised from the final version but whatever.

Anyways, they just bumped my fligh to another gate because they are asshole motherfuckers, so gotta run.  HOLLLAR back you jerks.

31 thoughts on “Milwaukee’s Best

  1. how much subway do you think jared has eaten? gross jared, mix. it. up. a. bit. i wish jared would swear off subway. why is he so loyal to subway anyway? jared, aren’t you sick of subway? you’ve been eating subway as long as i can remember. subway! subs subway! sub sub submarine sandwiches jared jared subway! subway yellow tables subway old timey subway wallpaper. what if i created a subway-esq theme in my apartment. i bet i could freak people out. hey you want come over to my place? then WHAM it’s a subway. all yellow and bright and that subway smell. and don’t try to tell me that smell is just the bread baking it’s not that, it’s disctinly a SUBWAY smell. SUBWAY SUBWAY SUBWAY SUBWAY here are the addresses of the SUBWAYS in jamica. you can’t get away from subway even on the island of jamica. thanks jared. i’ll bet jared is happy, he can travel.

  2. i didn’t know GIBRALTAR was a place until i learned it on the subway website. is that an isle? isn’t it the isle of gibraltar? or was that in star wars? do they have subways on naboo? alderann? ok i’m going to list a place and you tell me is it a real place or star wars:



  3. wow… taking forever.

    chipleader of 9 left. 44k to 30k. 9th has 4500.

    cal, go eat a subway sandwich… meatballs with cheese, toasted. just pickles on top with a sprinkle of parmesan and oregano. get the meal deal with 65% lemonade, 35% raspberry iced tea. chips can get personal, but with this meal i’d pair it with a kc masterpiece bbq. don’t get the baked ones, they suck. drop all the money you have left in the chip box, and muster your best eroz impression and playfully quip “whatever happened to the stamps.”

    then just fucking LEAVE.

  4. whoops, the tip box… give them all your money as a tip, then complain about a cancelled promotion. SO IRONIC(!*@^#%(&!^@%

  5. 3 handed on the 4th break.

    96k to 34k to 32k. i’m in 3rd. had it 110k to 40k to 10k a few min ago… lost 3 all in scoops in a row. very sick. lots of flopping bottom 2 and a flush and a low draw and losing to a dry top 2. OH. WELL. cal’s hatred of everything subway stands for (“EAT SUBWAY. EAT SUBWAY. EAT SUBWAY”) will guide fate in my favor. thank you cal. thank you for your hate.

  6. fucking 3rd. fuck fukc fckaudslfu)(*@#^&)*(@#^&

    got it in with A34J. suited. he had raised to 11k and i reraised all in to 44k, so really he might be able to fold… but he had 98k, so gambo gambo facto was hii. ver hiii. fucker had KKQ2. NOT GREAT. if an ace hits he is in super trouble. and any low board and i scoop, and i got straight draws and 2 pair and trip draws and my flush. FLOP: ACE! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE. king. !#% king. ……. R U JOKING?! AKK. he hits quads and i’m dead to AA.)@#(^%&@)#(%&)

    half a gball. PFFFT. 2nd was 3 quarters of a gball. i needed a gball. NO GBALL.

  7. if you bounce half a gball on it’s side, sometimes it comes back up. not totally useless i guess. it adds another layer of bouncing gballs… i guess that’s good.

  8. boom 1st in the 22 limit o8 for 6/10ths of a gball, and pwned the rings and sngs during. good night i suppose.

  9. It was some place in bayview that was pretty much just an empty room with a bar, and they had 60 beers on tap or some such REDiculous number. I had something like ‘Total Bastard Scotch Ale’. Three beers and a house wine were $24. The seats were uncomfortable. After some Googling, the name of the joint is The Sugar Maple.

  10. BOOM hit the $23.99 SNG Special at Diamond Lil’s and then the hot dog cart across the street– $&*(2*&^& DOGS! Turn came and THE MUSTARD WAS ALL IN, GANGSTERDOODLE. Bought a tricycle on the way home– streamers and errythang.

  11. much like ben affleck would pounce up matt damons stairs and hope he had skipped town, i too hope. i watch adult swim, and every show they show the top scores on some video games they have on the website. i’ve never been, and i’ve never played, but ONE FUCKING DAY the top score will read WHAZZMASTER!#%!#%

  12. Yo madd,

    Give a cal. Timmer wants back in the game. X-fer him some skrill and he will send you a grandma-style birthday card filled with twenties. Also, if you talk to Jay, let him know that we are playing poker this Saturday before the UFC PPV.


  13. Except for the main event, this card looks like shit:

    Stevenson should kill “Ken-Flo,” anything less than Josh Hendrickson’s head exploding from a Gonzaga head kick will be a huge disappointment, I’m interested in the Quarry/Maia fight, but I doubt anyone else gives a flying F.

    In the end this is good though. It leaves more time for gambling (is Joe’s open?) and drankin’.

  14. all quiet on the western front. i just want you all to know that when i was tapped by the wazzmaster to be vice president of i didn’t even blink.

  15. that allegation is completely untrue. at no point was anything squeaked nor was greg involved at the time of the incident. i’m sorry.

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