What In The Hell Was That?

I agree with Cal. All I figured out how to do was crunch that dude’s head over and over again.

Oregon Trail don’t got shit on me– I’m off on a 3 city tour today from San Jose to Los Angelos to St. Louis to Milwaukee.  I’m playing the Orpheum in each city, and might just make it home to Madison by midnight.  I sure hope I don’t have to sleep on a St. Louis park bench, at any rate.

California was OK but rushed this time out.  GMX, if you’re out there, I’m real sorry we didn’t hook up for lunch or dinner.  I was scheduled for marathon meetings and just usually ate dinner and then went to sleep to get up early the next morning.  But while the extra-curriculars sucked, I did get a lot done at the office for the short time I was there.

UFC and poker tomorrow at my place.  HOLLLAR back youngin.

79 thoughts on “What In The Hell Was That?

  1. cal, do you want your telephone device to be capable to store a list of contacts, so you can find “maddddddddddd” in the list and press the “call”, or would you rather have to remember that my number is 1-888-CAL-SUXX on your junk 1986 cancer brick and press “SND”?

    once you go contact list, you have a computer. once you have a computer, inevitably, you have the inevitable.

    the blackberry storm compliments your life, cal. it won’t make it 20% better, i promise you that. instead it will give you 100% more of a life with a blackberry storm personal communication device. it’s not just a computer… the blackberry storm enjoys your computer. it’s programmed that way. share your latest lap times with it, and when a chart is presented suggesting you put too much milk on cereal… don’t say “thank you”…. just press the “thank you” button.

  2. damn… it enjoys your company, not enjoys your computer. i tried to humanize the phone and stupidified myself.

  3. i wonder if those communist busy bees put together the very phone i’ll eventually purchase?

    ** dream sigh ** exploited communists

  4. this phone is so fucking good that is has a “thank you” button on it FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE.

    so you don’t have to dig through the menus… it’s just right there. because you’ll find yourself looking to use it so often.

  5. dude, put me in as your grandkid. i’ll keep the bad beat stories short… 30 minutes a month for only $20! welcome to the future!

  6. quindo is way up on postmodernism. he picked out his new favorite buddy toy… it’s an alligator wearing a polo shirt with a human embroidered on it. oh, quindo.

  7. just say: brother, i’ve been looking for you my whole life. let’s be misspelled together and enjoy each others misspelled company.

  8. hey, what was that crazy old rapper, i put a song on a mix for the skeez and whazzmaster once…. all i remember is that he said his indian name was “steals your girl” or something… think! i want to research him using the powers of the internet. but i can’t think of his name…

  9. When I hear blackberry, I picture a ball of shit. Add the storm and you got thousands of tiny shit balls. I can see the appeal of being Amish. Maybe I want to be a new kind of Amish that keeps things at June of 2000 and does away with the praying.

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