The Opposite of Summer

Can you guess what it is? Snow, you insensitive clods.  I’m covered in it, and until such a time as we dig ourselves our from beneath this white shit I hereby declare it winter.

I know a guy who is having some sort of ice fishing derby up north in early February; are any of you dudes interested in joining?

I further know of a certain soiree that will occur at the Essen Haus this Saturday; are any of dudes or dudettes interested?

Xmas shopping from you lappy toppy is fun onna bun– no crowds and a minimum of hassle.  Gotta go, things are happening at work.  Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

69 thoughts on “The Opposite of Summer

  1. uh oh. GOOG is trading up. hope we don’t get that margin call for a few days or i’ll have to borrow some of that 250k profit. i know it will dip below 300 again very soon… they are starting to show all the dumb things they are doing with the money. IE not creating any new revenue streams.

  2. kept shorting while it was going up though, so sold a lot at 309+. 290 and we fill all the sells and yeild 5%.

    being a greedy shyster is too easy. infidels.

  3. i think the early pop today on GOOG was other high level hedge managers executing my game plan this morning. as a market full of shareholders with large sums of money in a stock that just dropped from 700 to 300 in a blink, you’re not going to sell. you can’t. you have to expect it to bounce, so you sit on your broke ass and pray. so today all the short sellers are in the pit SELL, SELL, SELL, SELL creating a BUYING FRENZY. everyone would buy at these levels, but no REAL selling. just margin selling. drives the price up until everyone has a large stake of their geniASS invested, and then the slope does what it does and the smart investor gently rolls over the top of the wave in their gold plated crabbing yacht. SHORT GOOG WITH YOUR LIFE.

  4. opened at 297 (down), and in 1 hour gently rose to 318. margin short sellers make more money doing it like that… creates the buying market, and their over projected profit per share goes up. if they think the stock will trade at 280 within a short time frame, and they can sell now for 297, and have credit for $1,000,000, they can do 100 trades for $10,000 each. each one will incrementally drive the price up until your full mill is ride or die. then you wait a week, come back with the harvester and pick up the 3,000ish shares you owe to people for money you can buy 3,300 shares with. should almost be illegal. or at least require people to make it through the first 2 years of law school before they have it explained to them.

  5. the UW School of Law puts all of their class on cable TV… i can pretend to be sam waterson too!##!%*(&@#%(*&!#%*@*&#%$^&@#%$^!@#$%^$@#^*&@^$(*^&#)($*&)(#%&*-90468709568058709324798561327816787555555555555554454646574645836485523759798908909090909090902

  6. so after that you get your lawyer card? 1 more year? 1 more semester? i DO care98&()*%#!&(!#*%^(@*#%

  7. wow, close to love, you still haven’t taken the test yet. I just got up… had to post to see the relative time difference on this jank website. so test in like an hour. CRAM.

  8. I’d like to see what the law has to say about that chopper. Use it to rob a Sonic (or just shoot up the place) and then see if cal can get you off.

  9. allowing a user to set their local time zone, and altering display to show dates in local time is trivial. like 5 minutes of engineering time. it would be like selling a car without an adjustable rear view mirror. everyone just has to stretch their neck enough to see anything worth seeing, and the act of doing that to increase safety by giving the driver more data actually increases risk more than the total safety gained due to the contorting required. law just says you need a mirror… didn’t say we needed to make it useful, what the fuck more do you want greedy consumers?!#%(*^!#

    i would call that car a jank car. i would also buy it, cause who the fuck needs to see backwards anyways, and they’re super cheap because no one else wants them, so i picked up mine at 1/3rd production cost.

  10. if i want to know how long ago someone posted without guessing at the current server configuration, i post something worthless instigating cal, and compare. simple.

    if i want to see behind me, i turn my neck. simple.

    next thing you’ll tell me is they have rear view cameras in cars, or spaceman sensors that can tell you when you’re about to back into something. or BRAKES that DON’T LOCK.


  11. is barrack obama a terminator? and why does his office refuse to claim he isn’t? is he here to protect john connor or to kill him? why are the variable settings that terminators set based on scanning their visual sensors overlayed on the video input? that seems unnecessarily wasteful. is that just to make debugging easier? why didn’t they take it out of the production version? maybe if the original terminator had more processor cycles free, he wouldn’t have fucked up his mission. skynet developers have no self respect… with their fancy foosball tables in their break rooms, and fishtanks and hot receptionists… no one takes the time to optimize once spec guidelines are met. and look what happens… lava bath. nice work LOOSERS@#*)(%&^@#!^

  12. once that doodes helicopter has a few infrared sensors on it…. GAME OVER. a $30 graphing calculator could power the intelligence required to designate and hunt a target.

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