Down & Out in Wisconsin

I’m on the plane back from California right now– it was a busy, busy week out there what
with work and catching up with as many folks as I could. I was able to kick it with the Jacobses
(twice!), GMX, and co-workers of all kinds.

I should note that in November I was moved to a new project at work where I’m the sole engineer,
which has kicked things up a notch at the same time that the holidays sucked all free time out the
window. I never really recounted our New Year’s Adventure at SCATZ– it involved the Madison
Underworld in the form of the mysterious Spider (Spyder?) who to my knwledge has still not been
brought to justice. I’ll say this: wwhazz got me a pair of brass knucks for XMAS, which almost
came in handy within hours of their opening.

How’s it hanging, Are your scotch mushrooms blooming?

19 thoughts on “Down & Out in Wisconsin

  1. had the moderator at stars called on me 5 times today. 5-0 keeping my chat.

    my courtroom game is unstoppable. i challenge cal

  2. I think the raspberry jam ban is almost over. I have like 30 bones in my account. Maybe I’ll get back on the pony.

  3. zach,

    Wrestlemania is April 5 but there is no Brewer game on the April 6. Booooooooooooooooo. Their first game is Tuesday the 7th of April in SF. Maybe we already talked about this…

    The Brewers opener is Friday the 10th of April.

    So I guess it’s Mania on Sunday and work on Monday. On Friday we can watch the game at a) your casa b) the Pub c) the Irish Pub.

  4. My Scotch bloomed this morning. Irregular Dippin Dots is the best description. This really is the Scotch of the future though I can’t even begin to explain the (madd) science behind the project. My batch was frozen, unfrozen, mixed, added to (scotch and water), subtracted from, spilled and stared at in the most haphazard method imaginable.

  5. for a late night treat: in a rocks glass mix equal parts scotch and ice cold water… mix in all the scotch’n dots you have.

  6. Belly thinks the blooms look like worms; I agree with the fungus-like shape.

    I really think the lowering of my freezer’s controls did the trick. Man, they are going strong now.

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