The Sangria Method

Greetings Whazzmaster afficionados.  This would be a “guest” posting for the purposes of illuminating you on the art and science of Sangria.  Sangria is a drink one would think came from Spain, and in fact it is IN Spain that I had my first experience with it.  Recipes vary, I happen to know of and like 2 specific recipes.  The one I will share today is my closest approximation of what I would consume as a youth in Paris at the infamous “Sangria Bar” in the Latin Quarter where this was all that they served.
Sangria Method - 1 of 9
I start with three types of citrus: Orange, Lemon and Lime. Cut the peel off and remove that white junk, then dice it up.
Sangria Method - 2 of 9
Note the fine knife skills at work. Get a kid to mix it up for you.
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Add 3-4 tablespoons of sugar to the citrus to cut the acidity, then add a half a cup of hard liquor. I have used rum and vodka successfully, take your pick.
Sangria Method - 4 of 9
Put the citrus+booze+sugar in a pitcher and set aside in the fridge for a while, and go drink something else. In a couple hours (or overnight if you are brave) pull the mixture out. Time for the blood of the bull. I have always used Sangre de Toro because it has a cool name and there is the word BLOOD in it.
Sangria Method - 5 of 9
Give the fruit and booze a squeeze by mashing it up a bit, this gives you a bit of juice and helps permeate the fruit with the booze. Then, for effect, pour the wine in slowly.
Sangria Method - 6 of 9
Ain’t she gorgeous?
Sangria Method - 7 of 9
The finished product:
Sangria Method - 8 of 9
Now pour the goodness into tumblers and make sure everyone gets a bit of fruit. It’s really sour, but you’ll notice it goes to your head pretty quickly.
Sangria Method - 9 of 9

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    is GMX still in pacifica?

  2. Tim –

    Whatever dude…this isn’t about the booze…you just want to show of your picture skillz…and your perfectly white counter…

  3. Don’t hate me cuz I’m beautiful. Why the heck are you looking at counters in a booze tutorial anyhow? Focus man, focus.

  4. awesome! I’ll be cooking up some this weekend. thanks for the lesson.

    sorry it’s so cold out there midwesterners. small price to pay for low rent and high quality of life!!!

  5. uh oh… i froze my seagrams 7 and water last night and got some blooms today. not like the scotch ones… more long and wormy.

    so now is it just any kind of whiskey or what?

  6. i had just emptied the entire freezer out and turned the temp low…

    i’d love to see a timelapse movie for the blooms growing at all different temperatures many cups at each temperature with different variables like icy/warm water, stirred/unmixed, alcohol:water ratios

    freezing science is fun

  7. yo cal, i’m in redding.

    the chick asking me for oranges (presumably making sangria in her little booth) was super cute and friendly.


    can you smell me yet?

    i’m moving to sacramento… are you going to be doing any fancy lawyerin there?

  8. how about a weekend bender in reno… drugs and whores and scotch shrooms…

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    can you get here on a metro pass?

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  18. Yeah, that movie is good– it always amazes me the way that these weird subcultures manifest their own cliques. So this (by all other measures) normal guy is good enough to beat the record donkey kong score– but some fuckin weirdo that lives in an apartment overflowing with videotapes who is coincidentally the best friend of the king shit decides that this just ain’t right. Also, that weird motherfucker wears a REFEREE SHIRT TO WATCH PEOPLE PLAY OLD VIDEO GAMES. *whistle* poteeweeeeet! FOUL! Cal and Greg are offsides!

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