“Just baseball.”

You knew it would be an awesome Brewers training camp story that would get me out of my posting funk, and holy shit have we hit the grand salami of training camp stories.

So Ryan Braun has a new line of menswear that he’s pimping to everyone in the clubhouse.  He spent the off-season hiring a staff and designing $70-$100 t-shirts, which is just a fantastic mental picture, and he’s proud as punch to be such an astute businessman.

The left fielder arrived at camp Tuesday clad in one of his creations and was explaining its design, burgundy with gold foil and the image of a woman, when center fielder Mike Cameron walked in wearing the same shirt. Ten minutes later, shortstop J.J. Hardy joined the group and suddenly everyone was grateful they weren’t at a cocktail party.

I think the next few quotes exist best alone.

The shirts aren’t cheap — they run from $70-$100, complete with rhinestones on the higher end — but so far business is good.


The brand name is Remetee … a play on the word “remedy,” because Braun hopes that its bright colors and friendlier graphics offer an answer to the dark, drab designs popular until now.

Oh man, but the fucking NUMBER ONE REASON why this is the best Brewers story I’ve seen in a decade, which I think the author should get a Pulitzer for, are the last two paragraphs.

The chat with Braun prompted a stop at fellow star slugger Prince Fielder’s locker. Is Fielder involved in any ventures?

“Just baseball,” Fielder said.

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