Wayyyback Machine

Using the Wayback Machine you can look at what the interweb was like wayyy back in the day.  Before floppy brown hats, theoretical poker physics, and a cast of thousands there were several versions of Zach’s homepage known as Chaos Central.  I can’t find the OG version because I can’t remember what the non-Computer Science UW hosting URL was (alandovos, you remember?).  For your pleasure, however, review two early, early, early versions of whazzmaster.com:

The version from the latter half of my college years (run with Perl scripts and a file-based database).

The version from when I first moved to California and the maddddddddd scientist taught me about MySQL and PHP.

Have fun until I get back from Miami, weirdos.

12 thoughts on “Wayyyback Machine

  1. ever since the random haiku disappeared, this website has gone downhill.

    L.L. Haikus. where are the ladies? where are the haikus?!#%!#^

  2. i think tiger woods tees off in like 30 min today… right? or was that yesterday? i hope he hits it in the david beach. then he drives a buick.

  3. it’s on now. he sucks. i heard it… but really it’s mind control waves feeding you commands. don’t listen to it.

  4. WTF. i get home and rach-o is pumpin some whazzman knowledge that she claims to have gain through their facebook relationship. are we going to allow facebook to kill fine family run websites? should i go to wal*mart to find out shit? should i post haikus at wal*mart.com? wal*face&book.com)#*%!(&!)#(%&


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