Big Newz

Guess what: Spacebee and I are engaged. We went down to Miami for her Golden Birthday and soon enough I was down on one knee offering her a lifetime of love, support, and Friday night fish frys. Kneel down, serfs, and honor your new queen. She may rule with an iron fist, or she may hide in the shadows to avoid court intrigue; we don’t know yet.

We’re staying at the Trump International resort on the beach– that guy with the ridiculous hair makes a pretty fancy hotel. We are also the only Americans staying here; everyone else is French or Brazilian.

BEach, ya heard?!

UPDATE: Here’s some pictures of the trip…

Immediately After Proposal

Romantic as Hell

Night Pool

179 thoughts on “Big Newz

  1. it’s good to be back in the present time, my puffy red vest looks normal again. brown floopy hat still looks weird. 🙁

  2. dude, it wasn’t a cord, it was a CARD. i responsibly called them, and then they LIED to me. i called every comcast retail location in northern cali and they all said they didn’t offer them and i needed to make an appointment which costs $75 (of course i got this waived later). the guy on the phone said that he just got the same tivo and it works great and he got his card at the sacramento location. i called there, they have never distributed them there. he was probably in india or new york and spends his day LYING to people. i am THE TRUTH. the truth is NEVER a problem. i fight for THE PEOPLE. the people who are LIED TO. like the people who sign up for

  3. i learned everything i know about poker from a womans basketball commercial: “either you are a risk taker or you aren’t, and if you aren’t you can never win big.”

    in chess if you make a mistake you can be made to lose. in poker if you don’t make moves that are potentially mistakes, then you can’t win.

  4. floppy hats? where we’re going we doing NEEEEED floppy hats. just won a 22 multi for another g-ball. with 9 left as the very very slim cheap leader i offered an even chop, i had been talking my normal make you feel worthless game so 1 guy says he refuses any deal until i’m gone. i knock him out in 7th for 1/3rd what his chop deal would have paid and then go on to win it for 4x+ what my chop deal would have been. assholes finish first.

  5. borderline drunk too… spelling the words right, just picking the wrong ones.


  6. yo cal, do you like drinking cristal with all your lawyerin buddies? does it hit your leather pocketbook a little too hard? safeway now offers cristalito champagne for $6. ours is chilling. CRISTAL!#)(%^&)@($#^&)(@^ito

  7. Hmmm. the madd scientist has foiled me again by tricking me into posting on old threads, it’s sort of like when superman tricked those three baddies into that square disk and sent them into space! my awesome observations are trapped in the past. MADD SCIENTIST! i’m yelling from the past, So we beat on, boats against the current, born back ceaselessly into the past what line is that from??? an american institution like the Chicago Cubs (see the past) no googling! first person to get it wins praise from me CAL!


  8. 1) wrigley sucks. where are the slides and the ads and the shopping?

    2) you will never escape.

  9. oh, and if you went to safeway looking for cristalito, it’s actually cristalino. it says right on the bottle “#3 value brand”

    that’s quality you can trustino.

  10. poker sucked last night, cal. $38, $38, $27, $27, $27, $16, $16… lost them all. today i get an email from pokerstars saying they caught 2 people teaming up and cheating in tourneys i played in and was negatively affected in and to check my account history for “ADMIN CREDIT” for reimbursement. i thought i’d get a lot, and i needed some after last night, and it ends up being $10.80. how the fuck did they calculate that?

  11. the email said they wouldn’t tell me how they caught them, which tourneys i played with them in, who exactly they were, and how they calculated the reimbursement.

    generally there are 2 ways to cheat in tourneys:
    1) squeeze play. the teamers will keep re-raising each other while a victim in the middle is forced to call or fold. generally one of the players has the best hand possible, and the other a junk hand… so they can detect that by looking for 3 way hands that include the 2 suspects where one has the best hand and the other has a weak hand and they keep reraising each other.

    2) chip dumping. one teamer goes all in with junk and the other calls with the best hand. so if it was a $27 tourney, they had to pay $54 to get in, but now they have twice as many chips as everyone else… in a 9 man tourney that’s a pretty big edge… but ultimately not very profitable as “unknowns” can still muck up your plans. i can still hit that river 4 handed and bust them out losing 2 buy-ins instead of 1.

    3) sharing cards and avoiding each other. they can tell each other their cards and know that there is that much less chance of those cards coming out, or that they should fold their KK vs their partners AA (if they aren’t chip dumping yet, but that would be a good spot to do it because it couldn’t be suspected of cheating… it’s way more suspicious that the KK folded… that’s how they might have got caught)

    this has never happened to me before. they said they closed both accounts and seized all their money, so i shouldn’t be worried about it again…. that doesn’t make sense to me… if it was possible once, it’s probable to happen again.

  12. interesting, i was thinking of #3, just talking over the phone and being like stay in! now go out! we win! we are the best! oh man five twenty i’m out of here. anyway here is a link to my cub jocking post that will hopefully pull our host out of his programmers shell… let’s here your mueller park love homie! I LOOOVVVE MUELLER PARK YOU CAN MOVE THE ROOOFFFFFF open, close, open, close, open, close, open, close, open, close. whoa is me my friends the A’s and the Brewers have some starting pitching dillemas. it was fun having CC for awhile there though wasn’t it?

  13. yo! vonnie! GET IN THERE AND WIN 20 GAMES! don’t worry about a thing, we’re brining in trever hoffman so we got u covered. what’s that? no, there’s no such thing as an “oblique” muscle anyway, he’s fine, he’s fine.

  14. HELLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! (ooo ooo ooo) whazzmaster is a GIANT EMPTY CAVE. i am spelunking. MADDDDDDD SCI III III III III … IS anybody here????? KEN MACHA ahca… acha… acha… acha… probably another losing season eason… eason… eason… MACHA SUCKS ucks… uks… CAL IS THE COOLEST OOOLEST OOOLEST OOLEST MADD IS OVERWEIGHT EIGHT EIGHT EIGHT WWHZAZZZ SUCKS AT VIDEO GAMES ames ames ames ames

  15. cal, don’t you get it. everyone else’s time is more valuable than yours. you have the luxury of wasting your time on some web site. THEY DO NOT. if they did they would post.

    JUST THINK!#)(%&!)#(*^&!)&#(

  16. correct as usual your majesty- quick- where’s it from???
    nobody got “the great gatsby” in my last quiz so nobody gets the props… this one is less props but still…. you will get propers for this.

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  18. what is when SEO cheating turns against you?

    i’ll finish the category, scamming asshats for $1000.

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