Goldy Goldersen Tecmo Pics

It’s not that I was ignoring you, Cal.  I’ve just been extremely busy the last two weeks with work and all.  I have your Goldy Goldersen pics safe and sound and they’re uploading to Flickr while I type this.

So yeah, Cal took wwhazz’s beard in an 8-bit dick fight.   It was all very dramatic as it was happening– Cal had beat the shit out of me in Tecmo Bowl minutes before, but since I didn’t have the foggiest idea how to play no one took that as an indicator that he was a Field General, like Fran Tarkenton before him.

Here’s the play-by-play repost from yours truly…

Wwhazz should tell his beard story– the way Cal hustled his beard off ‘im is one for the ages. Cal was all “I don’t think I’m really good at this game.” Wwhazz was all “I’ll bet you anything I can beat you, you turd.” Cal was like “oh me oh my, how about we bet that patchy beard of yours.” Wwhazz was all “hell yeah” then he lost and everyone went “whoa!” Cal was very satisfied with himself, and didn’t even complain (much) when dinner was delayed until 11:30 at night.

Cal’s last play makes the entire game– down by 1, he takes the kickoff and starts around his 30-40 yd line with not much time left on the clock. Wwhazz drops back into prevent defense and Cal throws a bomb up the middle. With 6 seconds left and Cal’s receiver running upfield wwhazz smirks that his beard is safe as his defenders close in. Then, the field general’s hand is revealed: he runs out of bounds at the 30, kicks the field goal as time expires, and wwhazz is shocked into beardlessness.

So here’s all the pictures I have— also, here’s a link to the set of pictures that bellygirl took as well.  We’ll highlight a few delicioso ones below…

70 thoughts on “Goldy Goldersen Tecmo Pics

  1. Also, there is a good chance that timmah and dude were playing the 2nd Tecmo, the one with QB Eagles and Barry Sanders. Bo is much stronger on that one.

  2. they were playing 1, there is a hole in the run 2 defense… you do a little jewk move and can get through every time for big gain. i was busy playing metal gear defending our country against terrorists so you sissysss could play your ball games.

  3. 1. It has been awhile since made me laugh until I peed myself. Well done, cal. [R]ough and dirty man in an orange hat, indeed sir.
    2. Wwhazz, the Wii allows you the opportunity to hold the controller upside down, where Player Two would have the same thumbtastic advantage but would have to reverse the buttons in his mind.
    3. “I think it was random” — whatever, I saw the devious glint in Cal’s eyes.
    4. Oy Raheeb!
    5. Brewers season opener is Tuesday at 3:05p central. They’re playing the San Francisco Giants! In San Francisco! Go, cal, go go go go go go! I’ll be at the Main Depot eating a hamburger and drinking High Life if anyone wants to join me. Wwhazz not invited, he will be comparing penis size with his “students” in Rock County.

  4. rach-o is already off to the races spending my money. just got another dog… a maltese-shitzoo mix named bella.

  5. rach-o really wanted to name the dog kali, but i couldn’t take the implications of the name meaning she has kal like qualities. i guess she’d still hump dudes. didn’t even think about bella and bellygirl… just matching roots though, not close enough to care. now rach-o’s sister is claiming she was someday going to get a dog and someday name that dog bella, and we gotta change the name, even though she never told anyone these plans. dram. a. i say no change.

  6. BAH. rach-o is forcing me to call this beast “gracie”. i can not believe we yeilded that spot.

  7. boom. i revetoed and settled on willa. she uses will to her advantage. she is the willa.


  8. 4 separate 10 year old girls on separate occasions have suggested the name “fluffy”. 10 year old girls are unimaginative wastes of space. also i’m concerned how many unattended 10 year olds are running around looking for puppies. their fathers probably conceded their lack of potential and locked them outside. fluffy. THANKS!

  9. is niiiiiiiiiiiice. made me think of la rossa circle.

    balls with no robot is like a history book ignoring 2017-2022 when cal killed of the norwegians.

  10. i just bought HDMI at target for $19… knew i was getting ripped, but because best buy was pulling that $59.99 shit, i just wanted to support their competition. they are still $7 online and that is way over manufacturing cost of about a nickle.

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