Whazzmaster Wishlist

Are there any features you guys want back, or want, on this website? Maddddd mentioned (probably in jest but maybe not) haikus and tiny robot. Anything else? I’m working on a little something something right now and have the gumption to try to reach for the stars to satisfy you weirdos.

23 thoughts on “Whazzmaster Wishlist

  1. tiny robot! i like the boccy balls, i don’t like that it cuts off after the most recent, like, 6 comments or something, and then you go to “older comments” i want the whole salami right there in front of my eyes. if there is a particularly good dialogue going on i want to relive it with ease, WITH EASE! i’m also not so big on “digital swears.” how about whazzmaster.com: envisioning world peace. that would be funny. or whazzmaster.com: Madd is Fatt. ha.

  2. madd- i can’t believe the sister vetoed the name because she had been hoarding the idea in her brain. i’m surprized you were able to get a dog at all since SHE was GOING TO get a dog SOMEDAY. bella is a cornball name anyway. how about you name the dog: ding dong or killer or salami or doorknob? all better than bella. gracie is ok. parker is… ok. sad that wz wasted MINGMAR on a fish. that is a great name, i say name the dog mingmar.

  3. Hey it did work– if you dudes want to include an avatar you use the little thing below (you actually have to use a real email address in order to sign up, though). I don’t suspect cal will figure it out– scientist would but probably wouldn’t want to unless he wants to put a picture of his many beasts.

  4. how about tiny robot is the default avatar instead of that racist white outline of a shoulderless penis?

    and what’s with these ads? did they come with the layout? are you going to quit your job and whazz full time?

  5. this dog looks like a mingmar too… HER NAME IS WILLA. no more changing. she wills.

  6. I had signed up for adsense a while back but never put them on the site. I seriously doubt anyone will ever click on them, but just in case I figured I’d put one up. I don’t think I can change the default avatar but I’ll check.

  7. I’m pretty happy with the way this shit turned out. Even cal likes it. BTW– Cal, I have no idea what you’re talkinga bout– it shows the ten most recent comments. You want more than ten?

  8. well done! i can see all the comments just like the old days. should i click on those ads? will you get money? i will get an avatar up and running soon. it will be awesome

  9. So glad you got rid of bella or bellygirl might have sued your asssss. Willa sounds much better. WILLA THE KILLA. I want my free gravatar

  10. The gravatars are surprisingly easy to set up. You don’t even need a pre-sized picture… you can use any picture from online (say, flickr) or from your hard drive. Then it let’s you crop the area you want. I happened to have a pre-sized picture, but root around for something on Flickr or whatever and it should suffice.

  11. Well, the new Recent Comments widget is online– it’s not as pretty as I want but the functionality is there. I can work on skinning it a little bit nicer over time.

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