No Accidents!

GM and Segway (yes, the scooterific people) are hooking up to make a vehicle that will change the way you putter around Manhattan.  Check out the picture first.  Awesome (sarcasm).  Anyways, I was mildly amused that, after introducing the Hummer to the world and making cash off of gigantic SUVs for years, GM’s new strategy is to put you into a brand new shiny, two-wheeled shopping cart.  So I started reading the accompanying artiCAL and was stopped in my tracks.

Larry Burns, GM’s vice president of research and development, and strategic planning, said the project is part of Detroit-based GM’s effort to remake itself as a purveyor of fuel-efficient vehicles. If Hummer took GM to the large-vehicle extreme, Burns said, the PUMA takes GM to the other.

Ideally, the vehicles would also be part of a communications network that through the use of transponder and GPS technology would allow them to drive themselves. The vehicles would automatically avoid obstacles such as pedestrians and other cars and therefore never crash, Burns said.

Well, I’m glad they’ll never crash. Even without getting into the particulars of Murhpy’s Law that is an asinine statement.  The idea that if we wrap a shopping cart with enough wi-fi that it will never hit anything is pretty lunatic territory, and that’s not even getting into misusing your shopping cart through drunkenness, etc.

On this one, I’m firmly in the A2K camp.

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  1. i’d give him the last $25, but not the 2nd $25. i like his business… import/export… think big. has his sons involved… can’t beat family. he looks like a man that enjoys a nice smoke though… what he decides he want’s to smoke more than he wants to pay me back? he’s in russia… it’s so cold there and they don’t move. that’s suspect. besides, has a 2.65% fixed 1 year CD… i’m supporting the financial branch of the company putting us citizens in the new cars that will one day be the old cars that one day are shipped to russia only to break down and need spare parts. i’m help this guy just as much, and making my own yard greener. kiva is a pinko scam to aide the muslims. caveat emptor, homie

  2. this rollover on 50 comments is useless. why not show the last 50 instead of blocks of 50? wordpress engineers: who would want this??

  3. they are all about removing database load by caching comment blocks, but too lazy to also maintain a “latest_page” fifo block cache. lazy unfinished engineering really upsets me.

    like the roof on miller park… they already have electrical conduits… why not hook up a $29 aquarium pump and drill a few holes in those suckers? less weight for the motors, and you can make it rain stadium sauce.

    so fucking lazy.

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